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My friend Dean Graziosi finally wrote the book that reveals the roadmap to success for those of us who didn’t get handed everything on a silver platter.

If you don’t know Dean, he wrote Millionaire Success Habits which is one of the best books I’ve ever read and has been flying off the shelf for years now…

Plus he’s a multiple New York Times bestseller… And a guy who came from nothing and started over 13 successful companies. In The Underdog Advantage Book, Dean shows you how to take your own underdog story and the things you’ve always thought were disadvantages, and turn them into your superpowers to reach your full potential

Whether it’s your income, your happiness, your success. This book is the tell-all for how to become an underdog success story 🙂

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Who is Dean Graziosi?


Dean Graziosi is a New York Times best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, business speaker, and one of the most influential real estate experts of our time.

Dean has a mission to impact and help people not just obtain financial independence but also to achieve happiness and success in all areas of their lives. Dean Graziosi has written several programs and books among which is the Millionaire Success Habits which is a bestselling book.

In the Underdog Advantage, Dean’s mission is to equip you with the wisdom and tactics to turn whatever you thought is a disadvantage in your life now into the ULTIMATE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

He’ll show you how to turn challenges and failures into your greatest unfair advantage, unleash your drive and hunger to push your way to the top, and create the level of success and fulfillment you desire and deserve.

What is The Underdog Advantage  About?

Underdog Advantage if a book by Dean Graziosi where he shows you exactly how to turn challenges and failures into your greatest unfair advantage, unleash your drive and hunger to push your way to the top, and create the level of success and fulfillment you desire and deserve.

Life is unfair.

Some people are born into rich families with mind-blowing privileges while others struggle day after day to put some food on the family table. To stay positive in the face of adversity. To look for opportunities when all that life gives them is challenges. To fight for a few crumbs of the global wealth cake.

These fighters are the underdogs of our society, and Dean Graziosi believes they actually have a huge advantage before everyone else.

How is this possible? Here’s a glimpse of Dean’s ideas!

The Underdog Advantage Review

The Underdog Advantage Review

Dean Graziosi’s Underdog Advantage new book consists of 7 chapters, each of them focusing on one major trait that can make an underdog unstoppable, with the right mindset.

Chapter #1: Underdogs have nothing to lose

There’s a common belief among hunters that a cornered animal is always the most dangerous one. As it has nothing to lose besides its life, the beast is likely to put up a fierce fight that often turns the tables in its favor.

Privileged people have a lot to lose, and that’s why they often end up stalling, afraid to take action. Underdogs, on the other hand, are free from this burden—they are allowed to take risks, experiment, and try bold solutions to the problems they face.

As Dean aptly puts it, since underdogs have nothing to lose, they can use this to do anything they want.

Chapter #2: Underdogs can use ”the power of you can’t”

Have you ever felt that burning desire to prove someone wrong when they say you can’t achieve or do something?

This desire can be a powerful motivator, especially when intense. And since no one believes in underdogs, they can use this doubt as fuel for action and growth.

Dean Graziosi calls it ”the power of you can’t.” In this matter, underdogs are lucky to have an evergreen source of motivation for all their needs, contrary to the all-too-common lack of motivation among privileged, rich, and successful people.

Chapter #3: Underdogs act fast and improve quickly

When you hit rock bottom, you realize you don’t have any time or energy to lose anymore: you just have to get out of there as fast as possible, otherwise you’re doomed. Most likely, that’s why all underdogs tend to think fast, act fast, and grow fast.

On the contrary, the privileged ones are often laid back, never hurrying. What’s the point in rushing, if they already have everything figured out? They can test one idea for years while the underdogs go through dozens of them every single month.

By making more swings and taking more shots, the underdogs eventually strike gold much more often.

Chapter #4: Underdogs are relentlessly resourceful

The privileged are bound by a lot of different expectations and standards: they are expected to behave in a certain way if they don’t want to fall from grace.

Underdogs have the freedom to take risks, use whatever they can, make the most out of everything, and reap the rewards of unconventional approaches. Just like the privileged are innately restricted by their privileges, the underdogs are naturally—and relentlessly—resourceful.

Chapter #5: Underdogs can self-educate

To stay in the game, underdogs have to be always learning, always improving, always getting better. For them, self-education and personal growth is a matter of survival.

Privileged people often have to pretend they’re already the best at what they do, that they already know everything, that they’ve already mastered their game. Moreover, their privileged status often becomes a source of laid-back attitude: what’s the point of learning and improving if you already have a good life?

Chapter #6: Underdogs don’t have to care what other people think

Being privileged and successful automatically puts you at the center of public attention and opinion. You are expected to behave in a very specific way to satisfy the public’s expectations, and that severely limits the number of options you have at any given time.

Underdogs are free from the burden of public opinion, meaning they can be and act in whatever way they see fit—or in whatever way that would work best in a certain situation. And if they fail? No one will care much, so they’ll be free to fail again, and again, and again—until their attempts result in outstanding success.

Chapter #7: Underdogs can turn desperation into persuasion

Besides the ”power of you can’t,” underdogs have one more source of limitless inspiration and motivation at their disposal: desperation. When you’re hungry, cold, poor, sick, or just generally falling behind your own life goals—this desperation forces you to take action and overcome the challenges on your way.

What makes the Underdog Advantage Special

The line-up of fabulous chapters you see above is just a tiny part of what makes the Underdog Advantage book so beneficial for anyone’s confidence, motivation, and growth. Here are a few other major things:

  • Every chapter is filled with real-life examples from Dean Graziosi’s life. As a result, you learn the principles of the book so much better thanks to the immersion in the story.
  • Every chapter ends with an Underdog Challenge. This actionable section instantly puts you in a proactive position and urges you to put to use the chapter’s advice. Learn by doing, not reading!

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As if it wasn’t enough, the Underdog Advantage comes with an exciting list of free bonuses that are almost guaranteed to skyrocket your growth if you approach them with an open mind and do your best to take action as soon as possible:

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Final Thoughts

The Underdog Advantage

Dean Graziosi’s new book, The Underdog Advantage, is an eye-opening overview of how you can turn weaknesses into superpowers, disadvantages into opportunities, and failures into success.

Have you ever felt like an underdog?

After reading this book, there’s a good chance this feeling won’t bother you again, as you’ll know exactly how to channel it into your growth and success.

If that sounds good, keep in mind that right now is the best time to grab your copy of the Underdog Advantage with a bunch of free or heavily-discounted bonuses.

Hurry up and make your first step on the path to massive success!