Baby Girl Names

A lot goes into choosing a name, and for good reason. It’s what you will be called for the rest of your life and the one thing that gives people an idea of who you are, even before they meet you.  So, it’s understandable that anyone would want to look into a name before they give it to their child. And in the spirit of providing you with the information you need, we’ve put together a list of 100 popular baby girl names. If you’d like to find out the origins of these names, what they mean and a fun fact, look through this list.

  1. Abigail

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: To give joy, my father rejoices

Fun fact: It is an old-fashioned name that is often linked with feminine power.

  1. Adelaide

Origin: French and German

Meaning: Of nobility

Fun fact: It is the name of an Australian city and the name of the wife of Emperor Otto the Great.

  1. Alessandria

Origin: Italian

Meaning: The defender of mankind

Fun fact: It is the feminine version of ‘Alexander.’

  1. Anastasia

Origin: Greek and Russian

Meaning: Resurrection

Fun fact: It was the name of Czar Nicholas II’s daughter, who fled her family’s palace during the Russian Revolution.

  1. Astrid

Origin: Danish, Norse, Scandinavian and Swedish

Meaning: A beautiful goddess, divine strength

Fun fact: It was a popular name during the age of the Vikings.

  1. Bailey

Origin: English

Meaning: Steward or law enforcer

Fun fact: This was once a surname that was adapted into a first name.

  1. Bernadette

Origin: French, German

Meaning: Courage of a bear

Fun fact: Saint Bernadette was the name of a French peasant girl who was said to be visited by the Virgin Mary.

  1. Brielle

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Hill

Fun fact: Alternative names include Brienne, Briana and Breanne.

  1. Brooke

Origin: English

Meaning: Near the small stream

Fun fact: An alternate of this name is Brooklyn, which is also an extremely popular name.

  1. Carla

Origin: German, Spanish

Meaning: Strong

Fun fact: There are over five different ways to spell the nickname, ‘Carly,’ associated with this name.

  1. Cassandra

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Helper of men

Fun fact: In The Iliad, Cassandra was the name of the woman who foretold how the Trojan war would end.

  1. Celine

Origin: French

Meaning: Greek goddess of the moon

Fun fact: Celine is the name of one of Atlas’ daughters who was turned into a constellation by Zeus.

  1. Charlotte

Origin: English, French

Meaning: Free man

Fun fact: This has been the name of many royals throughout history.

  1. Collette

Origin: French

Meaning: Victory

Fun fact: This name is said to be the ‘classy’ version of the name ‘Nicole.’

  1. Danielle

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my judge

Fun fact: This name was huge in the eighties, but has since been on a decline since the turn of the millennium.

  1. Deidre

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Melancholy

Fun fact: In Celtic mythology, someone by the name of Dei(r)dre died of a broken heart.

  1. Denise

Origin: French, Greek

Meaning: Dedicated to God, devoted to Bacchus

Fun fact:  Not only is Denise the female version of Denis, but it’s also derived from the Greek name, Dionysus.

  1. Diana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Divine

Fun fact: Diana has been a powerful name for a very long time- it was the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.

  1. Dorothy

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A vision or gift from God

Fun fact: Dorothy is the name of the heroine in the famous Wizard of Oz.

  1. Ebony

Origin: Egyptian, English, Greek

Meaning: Black

Fun fact: This name can also be spelled ‘Ebonique’ and ‘Ebonee.’

  1. Elaine

Origin: French, Greek

Meaning: Shining light

Fun fact: In the legend of King Arthur, Elaine was the name of Sir Galahad’s mother and Sir Percival’s sister.

  1. Emily

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Striving, industrious

Fun fact: Quite a few literary giants like Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson have this name.

  1. Erica

Origin: Norse, Scandinavian

Meaning: Eternal ruler, forever strong, noble

Fun fact: Erica is the female version of Eric and is spelled with a ‘k’ sometimes.

  1. Eve

Origin: Hebrew, Latin

Meaning: Life

Fun fact: In the Bible, the name Eve was the name of the first woman and Adam’s wife.

  1. Farrah

Origin: English

Meaning: Pleasant, fair

Fun fact: This was one of the most popular names of the ‘70s.

  1. Fatima

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Captivating sea-fowl

Fun fact: Fatima was mentioned in the Koran-she was one of four perfect women.

  1. Fiona

Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Scottish

Meaning: Fair, feminine

Fun fact: Fiona was the name of Shrek’s wife.

  1. Flora

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Flower

Fun fact: This was the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flowers.

  1. Gabrielle

Origin: French, Hebrew

Meaning: God is my strength

Fun fact: Gabrielle is within the top 500 female names in the world.

  1. Gemma

Origin: French, Italian

Meaning: Jewel

Fun fact: This name was popular in Europe long before it crossed the Atlantic to the Americas.

  1. Giselle

Origin: French, German

Meaning: Pledge, oath

Fun fact: This name dates as far back as the Middle Ages.

  1. Hailey

Origin: English

Meaning: Dweller in the hay or meadow

Fun fact: Hailey is a pretty common name and for that reason, is spelled over ten different ways.

  1. Hanna

Origin: Finnish, Hebrew, Swedish

Meaning: Favor, grace

Fun fact: Hanna is just a fresh new spelling of the much older ‘Hannah.’

  1. Heidi

Origin: German

Meaning: Sweet, noble

Fun fact: Heidi is actually the shortened form of Adelaide.

  1. Helen

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Light

Fun fact: Helen was the name of one of the most beautiful women in the world; the one Troy and Sparta fought over.

  1. Hyacinth

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A plant from the lily family.

Fun fact: Although it doesn’t seem like a unisex name, boys are also called Hyacinth.

  1. Imogen

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Image, maiden

Fun fact: In 2017, Imogen was the 39th most popular name in England.

  1. Irene

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Peace

Fun fact: Irene was the name of the Greek goddess of peace.

  1. Isabel

Origin: English, Latin, Spanish

Meaning: My God is bountiful

Fun fact: Isabel, being a variant of the name ‘Bella’ rose in popularity when the Twilight films were released.

  1. Jade

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Jewel, a green gemstone

Fun fact: Jade is the birthstone for the month of March and is supposed to bring protection and wisdom.

  1. Jean

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Gracious, a gift from God

Fun fact: Variations of this name include Jeanette, Jeanelle and Jeanine.

  1. Jennifer

Origin: Celtic, English, Welsh

Meaning: White wave, fair one

Fun fact: Jennifer is a pretty common name for celebrities; think Loez, Garner, Connelly, Love-Hewitt.

  1. Kaia

Origin: Greek, Hawaiian

Meaning: From the earth, the sea

Fun fact: Kaia is the name of the mother of the Titans.

  1. Kianna

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Ancient

Fun fact: Other versions of this name include Kiandra, Keana, Kionah and Kianni.

  1. Kirsten

Origin: Danish, English, Greek, Latin, Norse, Scandinavian

Meaning: Christian

Fun fact: Kirsten is actually a variation of the name ‘Christina.’

  1. Kylie

Origin: Celtic, Gaelic

Meaning: Victorious, a narrow or straight channel

Fun fact: The world’s youngest billionaire has this name.

  1. Lara

Origin: Greek, Latin, Russian

Meaning: Cheerful, happy, famous

Fun fact: Lara was the name of a who was cursed to be speechless after she revealed something she wasn’t supposed to.

  1. Leah

Origin: English, Hebrew

Meaning: Weary

Fun fact: Jacob was tricked into marrying a woman named Leah in the bible.

  1. Leslie

Origin: Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish

Meaning: Small meadow, from the gray fortress, garden of hollies

Fun fact: Rumor has it that this was first a surname, then became a girl’s name, and then a name for both sexes.

  1. Lila

Origin: English, Latin, Persian, Sanskrit

Meaning: From the island, lily, dark-haired beauty, diving play

Fun fact: This name has so many different meanings that you can choose which one you want it to be when you’re naming your child.

  1. Louise

Origin: French, German

Meaning: Renowned warrior

Fun fact: International variations of this name include Luise and Louisa.

  1. Madeleine

Origin: French

Meaning: High tower, woman from Magdala

Fun fact: This name also happens to be a tiny sponge cake which is baked in the shape of a shell.

  1. Maria

Origin: German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Meaning: Bitter

Fun fact: Although a beautiful name, “Maria” means bitter in at least seven languages.

  1. Meagan

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Pearl

Fun fact: This name has at least three different pronunciations.

  1. Michelle

Origin: French, Hebrew

Meaning: Who is like God?, a gift from God

Fun fact: Thanks to the Beatles’ song “Michelle,” many parents who had children in the ‘70s and ‘80s gave their girls this name.

  1. Monica

Origin: English, Greek, Latin, Spanish

Meaning: Advisor, counselor

Fun fact: Monica was a 4th-century saint who was also known as Monica of Hippo.

  1. Nadine

Origin: French, Latin

Meaning: Hope

Fun fact: Other forms of this name include Nadenka and Nadezda.

  1. Nicole

Origin: French, Greek

Meaning: Victory of the people

Fun fact: This name was one of the most popular of the ‘80s.

  1. Nova

Origin: Latin, Native American

Meaning: New

Fun fact: It’s Native American meaning is “one who chases butterflies.”

  1. Octavia

Origin: Italian, Latin

Meaning: Eighth

Fun fact: This name was traditionally given to the eighth-born child of each family- the boys got Octavius.

  1. Olga

Origin: German, Hungarian, Norse, Romanian, Russian, Scandinavian, Swedish

Meaning: Blessed, holy

Fun fact: It is the female version of “Oleg” and a variant of the name “Helga.”

  1. Olivia

Origin: Latin, Spanish, Swedish

Meaning: Olive tree

Fun fact: Rumor has it that this name originated from the Shakespearean heroine in “Twelfth Night.”

  1. Paige

Origin: English, French

Meaning: Page, attendant

Fun fact: Paige Moss and Paige Davis are two actresses who share this name.

  1. Pandora

Origin: Greek

Meaning: All gifted

Fun fact: In Greek mythology, Pandora was said to be the first woman who was given gifts from the gods. She also had a box which contained all the world’s evil.

  1. Penelope

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Weaver, bobbin worker

Fun fact: Penelope was the name of Odysseus’ wife.

  1. Philippa

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Lover of horses

Fun fact: It’s the female version of Philip and the most common nickname is Pippa.

  1. Queenie

Origin: English, Teutonic

Meaning: Queen, wife

Fun fact: Most people think this name is a nickname, but it is an actual first name.

  1. Quinn

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Intelligent, wise

Fun fact: This is a unisex name- right now, there are more males than females, although the gap is closing.

  1. Rachel

Origin: German, Hebrew

Meaning: Lamb, ewe

Fun fact: This timeless name dates back to biblical times- she was Jacob’s favorite wife.

  1. Raina

Origin: English, Teutonic

Meaning: Queen, strong, mighty

Fun fact: It is a variation of the name “Regina.”

  1. Rene

Origin: American

Meaning: Reborn

Fun fact: It can also be spelled with a double ‘e’ at the end, but then it’s origin would become French.

  1. Rosalie

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Rose

Fun fact: This name has more than ten variations, some of which include, Rosabel, Rosalia, Rosalina, Rosamonde and Rosana.

  1. Sabrina

Origin: English, Italian, Latin

Meaning: From the border

Fun fact: This name is often associated with witches.

  1. Samantha

Origin: Aramaic, Hebrew

Meaning: Listener, told by God

Fun fact: Although a relatively new name, it’s it quite popular; it was ranked 15th in the United States in 2009.

  1. Solange

Origin: French

Meaning: Dignified, religious

Fun fact: International variations of this name include Solaine, Silana and Solaina.

  1. Stacey

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Resurrection

Fun fact: This name is said to have stemmed from the longer and more regal version, Anastasia.

  1. Stephanie

Origin: French, Greek

Meaning: Crowned in victory.

Fun fact: The male version of this name is Stephan or Stephen.

  1. Tamar

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Palm tree

Fun fact: This biblical name was given to King David’s daughter.

  1. Taylor

Origin: English

Meaning: Tailor

Fun fact: This used to be a surname, but rose in popularity as a girl’s and boy’s name- some of which was because of Taylor Swift.

  1. Temple

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Sanctuary

Fun fact: It’s more popular as a surname than a first name.

  1. Tiffany

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Regal, lordly

Fun fact: This name is synonymous with one of the most well-known jewelry stores in the world.

  1. Tori

Origin: Norse

Meaning: Spear of Thor

Fun fact: This name has a variety of different spellings, including, Tory, Torrie, Torey, Torrey- most of which are of different origins and have different meanings.

  1. Uma

Origin: African

Meaning: Second daughter

Fun fact: The lead actress from the Kill Bill series has this name.

  1. Una

Origin: German

Meaning: Noble leader

Fun fact: An international variation of this name is Ulla,

  1. Ursula

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Useful to the tribe

Fun fact: The villain from The Little Mermaid is named Ursula.

  1. Valentina

Origin: Italian and Latin

Meaning: Healthy, strong

Fun fact: It is the name of the first female Russian cosmonaut.

  1. Veronica

Origin: French

Meaning: From the alder grove

Fun fact: The French version is spelled “Veronique.”

  1. Victoria

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Victor

Fun fact: Many celebrities and their daughters have this name- Victoria Beckham, Michael Jordan’s daughter, Victoria Justice, etc.

  1. Whitney

Origin: English

Meaning: From the white meadow

Fun fact: One of the most iconic singers in the world was named Whitney.

  1. Wilhelmina

Origin: English, German and Teutonic

Meaning: Peace, peaceful and resolute peace

Fun fact: Wilhelmina International Inc is the name of one of the most successful modeling agencies in the world.

  1. Wyn

Origin: English

Meaning: From the farm by the spring

Fun fact: This name also be spelled with a double ‘n.’

  1. Xena

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Golden-haired

Fun fact: It was the name of the lead heroine in Xena, the Warrior Princess, a popular ’90 TV series.

  1. Xiomara

Origin: Greek and Spanish

Meaning: Hospitable, welcoming, battle-ready

Fun fact: Rumor has it that the name evolved from the German name, Wigmar.

  1. Yara

Origin: Arabic and Portuguese

Meaning: Small butterfly, white flower, water lady

Fun fact: It’s the name of a Brazilian goddess known for her fair skin and green hair.

  1. Yolanda

Origin: Greek and Spanish

Meaning: Violet flower

Fun fact: The Greek version of the name is Iolanthe.

  1. Zahava

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gold, gilded

Fun fact: With an ‘h’ at the end, this name is Arabic in origin and means ‘victorious.’

  1. Zenobia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Force of Zeus

Fun fact: This was the name of a beautiful and might queen who rules the Roman Empire sometime in the 3rd century.

  1. Zeta

Origin: Teutonic

Meaning: An armored battle maiden

Fun fact: It is one of the letters in the Greek alphabet.

  1. Zinnia

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: To be praised, worthy

Fun fact: It is an annual flower which comes in many different colors.

  1. Zoe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Life

Fun fact: It is one of the most popular names which begin with the letter ‘z’ for girls.

Do you have a name to add to the list? Use the comment box and let’s hear it.