Reading Head Start Review

As a parent, you understand the need to have your child have the ability to read. Reading is essential, and it is among the first things we teach children. Children have different capabilities, and some learn to read faster than others. Therefore, many parents have looked for a solution to help their kid read faster too. There are many programs that help kids to read today, and in this post, we will review the Reading Head Start program. We will see the features of the program, as well as the benefits, drawbacks, price, and more.

When reading becomes a Challenge

If you discover that your kid:

  • Simply flips through the pages without reading
  • Isn’t interested in books
  • Looks for excuses to do ANYTHING else except read
  • Or is more interested in games and other stuff other than reading

Then you will need Reading Head Start.

What is this program?

What is Reading Head Start?

This program is a scientifically-proven program that is simple to follow. It is a reading program created by an experienced teacher that can help your child read.

This digital program is broken into 4 phases which makes it super-easy to handle. At the end of each program, the child gets a certificate. Whereas other programs give the child a medal for just participating, this program teaches your kid the need to earn stuff.

Aside from teaching your kid how to read, the program also helps to improve your child’s phonemic skills. This it does by building sound-association skills.

By spending just 15 minutes each day, three days a week, you will be able to help your child read faster. This excellent program can be used for kids as young as 2. The PDF e-book you will receive is a detailed guide which gives you a day-to-day break down of the 40-week learning program. Through the manual, you’ll learn how to best support your child while using the program and long after it’s over.

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Who Created Reading Head Start?

Well, as we said earlier, this program was created by an experienced teacher. Sarah Shepard, the author of the program, is a teacher with over 14 years of experience as a teacher.

A professional teacher, she created this program after she saw that her own kid had reading problems. She used this program to teach her kid to read in a short period.

How does this program work?

It might be somewhat difficult describing exactly how the process works in just an article. However, I have summarized the main points below.


The lesson plans presented throughout the program are step-by-step lesson plans that can be performed in the classroom or at home.

They explain to you the accurate steps to take to improve children’s reading capabilities and how to do so in an entertaining way that keeps them engaged.


Flashcards and letter books are oldies but goodies. They’ve been utilized to encourage children to memorize and complete their newfound information for centuries.

The only difference is that now, you don’t have to fork over a ton of cash for them at the town store and can easily download them right from home.


A different exercise offered throughout the program is the short passages, which teach children how to read passages, based on the words explained in the program.


Just as the name reads, you’ll find lots of entertainment and educational worksheets that’ll keep your child involved and learning.

They’re colorful and enjoyable, themed and strategic, and get the brain going! You can also pick which ones to do based on grade level.

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What is included in the program?

The program comes with several lessons and worksheets that are easily accessible on the Reading Start website and platforms. Therefore, armed with your device and an internet connection, you will gain access to all the material that you need. Furthermore, the platform is very easy to navigate for all: even your children.

Additionally, you will find activities and worksheet regularly added to the program. That way, your child won’t find it boring.

As pointed out earlier, the program comes in 4 different levels. Each level contains dedicated lessons, games, workbooks, and all that your child needs to have an educating yet fun time.

The things you can expect to find here are broken down below:

  • Picture Cards
  • Letter Cards
  • Letter Formation
  • Sounds Out Cards
  • Irregular Word Cards
  • Advanced Phonics Cards

What will you learn from this program?

While this program is for kids, even parents can learn from it. What can you learn? Let’s see.

  • How to ensure your child excels in his/her reading, even if they do not have interest.
  • What to do and what not to do when engaging in this type of material – advice will be given on how you can still be involved in the teaching process with your child without affecting how they learn at school.
  • You will learn methods of reversing dyslexia.
  • You will learn about the bad learning practices of teachers and why they are so obsolete these days.
  • You will also learn on the importance of making sure your child can read at an early age and why reading to them regularly is so important.
  • How to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. This ensures that your child will be able to have a feeling of self-worth throughout his or her lifetime.
  • How to improve your child’s pronunciation of words.
  • Positive social interactions. This helps in improving your child’s social skills with their peers and other people.
  • Linguistic Development and Communication skills. You learn how to improve your child’s language vocabulary and communication skills.
  • You will learn about Optimal Neurological development of your child. This ensures that you are able to improve your child’s brain development process to optimum levels.

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Key Features of Reading Head Start

  1. Presentation and Delivery

It is accessed through an online portal, which is both well organized and easy to navigate. They have even linked resources needed within each lesson. It feels like the owners of this program really know how to put together a slick product. The only downside of this is that currently there are some bugs on the website. There are dead links for a pronunciation guide and, also, when you look at the lesson overview, some of the stages are missing.

  1. Phonic Teaching Method and Content

Even if they have the most amazing presentation and resources, if the core way that phonics are taught is broken, the end result is worthless.

I am happy to report that the program does well here. The program follows a system and flow that I would say is effective and efficient. 

Benefits of Reading Head Start

There are several benefits to using this program for your kid. Let’s see these benefits.

  • User-friendly

First of all, this program is very easy to use. It is an excellent program in which all that is required from you is to click the PLAY button and have all your videos on the screen. You can then choose the video you want to use. It’s mobile-friendly. It can work on any device you have at home whether it’s an iPad, computer, or smartphone.

An excellent program, you can teach your child in for 15 minutes per day until your child completes all the levels. The child’s speed and understanding are what pushes the program forward. They’re able to read the lessons at their own pace without any pressure.

  • Fun

Kids have short attention spans; therefore, they need to have something that keeps them interested. This is what this program offers. It comes with several interactive games that make it so much easier to learn. Even the difficult section are broken into simpler blocks that encourage your child to study.

  • Effective

This program is highly effective. That is why you will find reviews of people who have used it, recommending it to other parents.

  • Affordable

You will have to take the trial for just $1, and it will be available to you for 3 days. If you are happy with the program, then you can pay $37 every month. You can also choose to skip the trial period. Now you will have to spend $16 every month for 1 year, and for getting the lifetime access, you will have to spend 297 dollars.

  • Money-back Guarantee

If you do not get the results you desire, then you can easily initiate the refund procedure, and the money-back guarantee is available for 1 year.

  • Affordable

It’s an affordable program, significantly lower in price in comparison to other reading programs or tutors.

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Cons of the program

Although it is an excellent program, it comes with its fair share of drawbacks.

  • Online program

For learning from this program, you will need a stable and reliable internet connection in order to take full advantage of the program.

  • Time

You will have to provide 15 minutes to your child every night and three times a week. It requires patience and commitment for you to get the results that you desire. You have to go through the teaching guidelines with your child each day for you to get the best results.

  • Lack of personalization, though you can skip around lessons on your own if you consider your child needs to get ahead or return to an old topic.
  • There’s no individual assessment to assist you to figure out where your kid should start. They give a loose guide on their lesson page, but it’s up to you to figure out where they want to be.
  • It’s also difficult to keep track of your improvement. It would be excellent if each lesson had a title to make it more comfortable to navigate if you forget which of the 40 weeks you left off at. 

Who should buy the Reading Head Start?

The program has been designed in a way so that children of different ages can be easily taught. This course contains plenty of information and is very affordable. A child’s mind should be shaped from a very young age and starting from the beginning is very important if you are aiming for a successful life later. This system or program will help your child to achieve the goal and make them learn everything in an enjoyable and fun way.

This system doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee that your child can easily read brilliantly, but it will help them to develop interest towards studies. So if you want your child to start learning only in order to save them from the struggle which they may have to face in the school due to their bad reading skills than trying out this program will definitely be a good option.

Bonuses of the Program

After you get the program, there are bonuses within the package that will enlighten you on the ways to ensure your child can learn well. These include parts that contain further helpful information that will help you ensure that your child can learn instantly at no extra cost.

These are:

  • The Fun with Words book series. – These books are composed in a way that they are fun to be read by your child.
  • Interactive reading games. – These are games that are discovered on the online platform that will support your child have fun as he or she reads.
  • Incredible Reading Shortcuts. – As the name recommends, they are shortcuts that clarify the learning process for your child.


Well, it concentrates on approaching learning to read from a logical angle by preparing the child, what sound each letter makes and how letters can improve the sound of a word when combined or subtracted so that they learn the language naturally.

Reading Head Start works, but it’s because it reflects common sense principles, such as educating your child the sound value of a letter, so that the child can apply their own logic when faced with unknown words to read them correctly on the first try. We highly recommend it for children.

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