Melissa Herb

There is no question that natural remedies can help treat and heal your body without any repercussion or side effects. Essential oil remedies have been in use for centuries, the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations used various herbal treatments to treat injuries and disease.

There are hundreds and thousands of different herbs and plants throughout the globe that have healing properties – and which can be converted to natural medication, treating a variety of health complications. Mother Nature has endowed us with an immense variety of natural bounties that we can use for healing our mind and body.

Such is the case with the Mellisa herb and its essential oils. The essential oil is known to treat several health issues such as hypertension, migraines and even insomnia. The oil is sometimes referred to as lemon balm oil and you can massage it gently on your scalp or any other body part to get rid of inflammation, swelling and pain. You can also ingest the herb by mixing some of it in your tea. Or you could crush the herb into a fine powder and add it in a glass of water. The Melissa herb has antiviral and antimicrobial properties that can have a therapeutic effect on your body.

11 Benefits of Using Melissa Herbs and Melissa Essential oil.

Essential Oil

1. Tackles Symptoms Associated with Alzheimer’s disease

Perhaps the most widely known natural remedy for Alzheimer’s disease, Melissa oils and herbs can have a powerful healing effect on the brain. Research states that people who started using this remedy had improved life spans as well as better lifestyles than the one who didn’t use it. Alzheimer’s is prominent amongst old people hence this could be the perfect pain relief for them. Imagine an Alzheimer’s patient suddenly being able to recognize his immediate family. The best part is there are no side effects of this natural remedy unlike conventional medication.

2. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

This essential oil is also effective in treating inflammation. If you are suffering with chronic or acute joint pain or inflammation, you can rub this oil on your joints for gradual pain alleviation. Edema is one such inflammatory disease that has been experimented on. The effects of Melissa Oils were seen to drastically reduce the amount of trapped fluids produced in the body. The essential oil helped minimize pain and eliminate any swelling.

3. Prevents and Treats Infections

Antimicrobial properties prevent bacteria and viruses from affecting your body both internally and externally. In earlier times, people would crush and then rub the herb over their wounds to prevent the risk of infection. It is considered a far better option than antibiotics in which case the body produces a resistance to it. In the case of natural remedies, this isn’t true and you can use the natural remedy to treat your wound over and over again.

4. Helps Diabetic Patients

An efficient hypoglycaemic, Melissa oil is the perfect solution for diabetes. Whereas it cannot cure the disease, it does however, reduce the intensity of it. Diabetic patients who use this oil remedy are known to have reduced blood glucose levels and a higher tolerance to glucose in general. An increase in the insulin levels is also a good sign of recovery of a diabetic patient, which is what the essential oil can help with.

5. Promotes Skin Health

Melissa oil is a natural treatment to the effects of eczema as well as acne. If you suffer from social anxiety simply because of the pimples on your face or the rash on your skin, you can treat it by buying some Melissa herbs. Simply apply the extract on the affected area and wait as the antifungal and antibacterial properties of the herb work its magic.

6. Treats Herpes

Cold sores are a menace that has been known to not only be painful but infectious as well. The effects of the herb help stop the virus from spreading into other parts of the body and prevent any other effects from taking shape. Usually, the virus spreads and induces pain on delicate parts of the body like your genitals, etc. This antiviral agent will help reduce the symptoms and even get rid of them if it is applied in a large enough quantity.

7. A Potential Anti-Tumor Agent

Cancer has destroyed millions of lives and many doctors and researchers are trying to find ways of curing the disease. Melissa oils help to reduce cancerous cells in the body and negate any cell degeneration that surface. The Melissa herb also has potential to treat the Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is a tumor in the brain that causes the degeneration of brain tissue. Using the natural oil, medical scientists were able to drastically reduce the size of the tumor over a course of a few months.

8. Boosts Mood and Fights Depression

Along with its long line of health benefits, it has recently been discovered that Melissa herbs have an antidepressant properties as well. After using the herb, there was significant improvement in patients suffering from acute depression and anxiety. Some patients also stated that the fragrance of the oil helped lift their mood. Currently, there is a lot of research going on using this herb and doctors are trying to fuse this natural remedy with conventional medication to completely treat both these mental disorders.

9. Treats High Blood Pressure

The anti-inflammation and antimicrobial properties of the herb can also help people suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. The soothing effect helps calm the person down and helps calm the heart.

10. Relieves Menstrual Pains

Melissa oils are especially beneficial for women that are on their menstrual cycle. Because the essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, you can ingest it or apply on your body for pain alleviation.

11. Benefits the Metabolism

Ingesting Melissa herb extracts can have a soothing effect on your stomach. It slows the fatty acid synthesis, which then reduces your triglyceride levels. A lot of the food you eat may cause several digestive problems, which can be solved with the use of Melissa oils and herbs.

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