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So you want to try your hand working from home do you?  It might not be as easy as you think it is but it is quite doable, if you put in the time. So how exactly do you go about doing this?

One of the most common ways people start making money from home is via writing- and you too likely have the necessary skills to get a piece of the lucrative pie.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new graduate, or already work a full-time job and looking to supplement your income on the side, there are proven, relatively easy and legitimate ways you can make money from writing related disciplines.

Writing could truly be your ticket to freedom- doing what you are good at and love, and on your own terms.

You do not have to be an excellent wordsmith in order to start writing from home, but a little practice can go a long way in adding to your bottom line of profits.

Don’t know where to start? Have no worries. You don’t need a college degree to start writing from home. All it requires is a little diligence, the ability to think on the spot and a commitment to improving your craft.

Ready to learn some of the most effective ways that you can make money writing from home? Then let’s check them out below.

23 Ways to Make Money Writing From Home

Woman working from home

1. Join Popular Freelance Websites

Freelance website portals are an excellent way to get your feet wet in the world of writing, by applying to jobs that clients have posted which may meet your particular skill set. You do not have to be an expert writer across all areas, but if you are passionate about a couple of things, you are likely to be a much better writer about them as well.

Love going to the gym? You may have a future as a skilled fitness writer. In like manner, if you are passionate about creating delicious recipes, you might be hired to compile and modify recipes to meet your client’s requirements.

There is an endless number of niches and categories, and things that you can write about by seeking out jobs on popular freelance websites such as Upwork.com. Other options include Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com which have consistent demand for a variety of writers.

When now starting out, your primary goal should revolve around over delivering and making your client experience with you amazing. Those glowing five star reviews are important and helps to build momentum, so do yourself a favor and work on building your reputation and portfolio as a writer.

You are much more likely to get hired for a writing job if you have a portfolio of work done for pleased clients, and glowing reviews that show how good you truly are.

2. Start Your Own Blog

One of the easiest, low entry ways to starting writing online is to start your very own blog. Many people do start a blog as a pastime, but fail to regularly update it with new and fresh content, and eventually just let it slip by the wayside. A much better approach would be to create a content calendar in order to keep interested readers coming back for more.

At the beginning, you should not expect to make any sort of money from your blog.

Your primary intention should be to solve a problem that your reader might be experiencing, or simply entertaining visitors. After several months, and with the necessary tracking tools helping you determine if you are getting visitors, you may then start monetizing your website. Monetizing your website refers to implementing advertisements, or adding links through which you may earn a small commission if the reader clicks on it and complete an action, most likely a purchase.

It’s so easy to do that you can actually start your own blog for free. Of course, it is always recommended to upgrade your blog to a paid platform that you truly own, since the free versions are usually limited in what they can do (and you risk losing everything if they ever decide to shut you down)

If you’re considering starting a blog, we highly recommend WordPress and Godaddy for your domain registration and hosting

3. Write Fiction

Fanfiction is a superb way of gaining traction and getting your name out there if you’re completely new to the world of writing. Are you an avid Game of Thrones fan? Chances are you probably have a few ideas bouncing around in your head about how the finale should have been.

Classified as fanfiction, this type of writing takes your favorite stories into a direction not explored by the creators. You’re not limited to mere fantasy alone, as you can do this to any book, television show or movie that you are passionate about.

If you get popular enough, you may even be hired by people looking for fiction story writers and pick up a nice chunk of change on the side.

4. Contribute To Blogs For Free

Okay, this is probably not what you wanted to see since this post was all about making money from writing, but the fact of the matter is that you will have an exceedingly difficult time making your first dollar online from writing if people don’t know who you are, or trust that you know what you are writing about.

Setting the groundwork, one of the best ways you can get your name out there is to contribute to popular websites for free. It can be anything you are passionate about, but more importantly get the eyes of numerous viewers and readers.

You may also heard this having been called guest blogging or guest post writing- it is basically the same thing.

5. Self Publish A Book

Gone are the days when your book had to be picked up by a big publishing house for you to have a chance of making it as an author.

No sir. There are endless self-publishing options at our disposal today, which allows us to have absolute creative control over what you want to write, and where we want to make our books available. You can write about virtually anything – ranging from cookbooks, how to guides, fiction, romance, you name it and there’s a market for it.

Add to the fact that distribution options are very attractive since you can get your book physically printed and into the hands of readers, or made available as digital downloads, and you can see how getting your name out there via self-publishing and making good money in the process is extremely viable.

6. Become A Copywriter

Copywriting is an art form. Many people are not good when it comes to copywriting skills, simply because it requires you to understand the product you are writing about – and as is often the case, putting yourself in the shoes of your reader/customer, and addressing all their pain points is an effective marketing strategy.

Copywriters are amongst the highest paid writers on the planet, since behind every successful ad campaign and blog post that moved you was a skilled copywriter.

7. Create An Online Course

While not necessarily consisting of writing alone, creating an online course can be an effective way of earning your first dollar online.

There are many courses that come in text format only, while others may also include video instructions.

What are you good at? Playing Pokémon video games? Create a course about it. Teach new players how to become Pokémon Masters.

It gets even better if you can actively teach someone something that they’re willing to pay money to learn.

And the best part of all? Once created a course can continue making money on autopilot without spending further time when it. So, even if you make one sale from a course per month, multiplied across several courses and you can quickly see how it adds up to good cash.

8. Social Media Management

It seems as though every single business on the planet now has a social media presence. This may include a Facebook, Instagram page and more, which requires consistent and regular content creation in order to keep their audiences captivated and interested.

The reality, however, is the fact that the majority of these businesses fail to keep things fresh, instead recycling old content that has been seen for the thousandth time.

This is where you can come in. You don’t need to be a doctor of the English language order to create social media posts. Considering the fact that the average person is already inundated and saturated with reading multiple articles online every day, if you can create a short and spicy 500 word piece about trending topics, you are more likely to retain the attention of your reader.

Of course, once you prove that you know what you’re writing about, you can then apply a retainer that brings in fixed money every month.

9. Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can take several forms; ranging from video reviews, to product comparisons and pros and cons type of articles. There is virtually unlimited markets that you can penetrate, such as a website dedicated to the best strollers for your baby, or a website dedicated to comparing the latest protein supplements on the market.

You are only limited by what your imagination thinks is profitable, which is why niche websites are so popular and lucrative. A good place to start with affiliate marketing is Clickbank. Clickbank is a market place for various digital products that you can easily promote. You are offered between 20%-75% commission for every sale you make.

10. Cold Pitch Clients

If you have proficiency around a certain skill, it may be in your best interest to seek out and pitch clients that are in need of your particular service.

Are you a bodybuilder? Start actively searching for websites around the topics of health and fitness, trying to ascertain contact details of the owners, and pitch them to initiate a content writing contract.

Of course, having a noticeable presence helps as well, which is why it is a good idea to do a bit of pro bono work in the beginning.

Remember, if you just sit on your thumbs fiddling you won’t get any work from that. Start pitching clients, you may be surprised to get your first contract that way, especially if freelance platforms seem too competitive or only filled with clients trying to lowball you.

11. Publish Articles On Medium.com

Almost everyone in the world has read at least one article on Medium.com, but most have no idea that you can actually make money from the site as well. Simple; all you need to do is to become a member, which costs five dollars a month, giving you the ability to publish members only articles that can make you money based on how popular your content becomes. It is estimated that more than 50% of the people who publish articles make money from them, and some even go on to make as much as four figures per month just from these articles.

The only downside? Medium currently pays contributors using Stripe, a processor not widely available to all countries. In fact, the majority of countries it is available to are all tier 1, first world countries, so unless you live there this may not work out well for your needs.

12. Try Writing For A Revenue Sharing Site

Many of the most established and popular websites online do not pay for website content out-of-pocket, but actually do so on a revenue sharing model. Attached to each post would be either affiliate links or advertisements which allow the website owner to make money based on the number of people that take predetermined actions.

The revenue share model enables content creator to get part of the money made from these links. Revenue-sharing split varies depending on the particular website, but can usually range from 30 to 50% of the proceeds.

Sometimes, this is an excellent way to make your first dollar online from writing, since you do not have to do the hard work of finding visitors or converting traffic. This way, it is considered a win-win for both parties involved.

Alternatively, some of these websites may pay a very small nominal fee, and propose revenue split on the back end based on how popular the article becomes. If you are not in a desperate need for money, this is usually a very good approach and one that can pay dividends for years to come.

Many revenue-sharing sites even allow you to create articles based on your particular passion, and often include list type articles such as topic X ways, or top 10 article types. Very easy picking if you approach the right website owner.

13. Write For Magazines

Magazines are still big business in this day and age. They can be as small as a simple online publication, to the much more glamorous print magazines, though we are not talking about mega popular magazines such as People, or Glamour. There are hundreds if not thousands of niche specific magazines, so whether you have a thing for home gardening, or making skateboards, there is a magazine that needs your expertise.

The best part? Magazines usually pay very well for content. Depending on how detailed it needs to be, you should be able to get easily between $100-$200 and even more for a piece of content.

If your article becomes featured as one of the main highlights of the magazine, you might even be paid significantly more.

So how should you try to get these magazine writing pieces? The first thing you need to do is research names of possible magazines related to your passion, and start pitching ideas for articles within. You may not get replies from all the editors, but you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

14. Writing College Assignments/Homework

A practice that has garnered a bit of criticism in the past few years, professional homework and assignment writers can make in excess of $100,000 a year, based on the high demand for subject specialists. Writers that create these articles usually have a higher education degree, such as chemistry, accounting, the medical sciences or more.

There are a myriad of ways to earn from this, and students are more than willing to dole out significant amounts of cash if it guarantees that they are getting an A grade for “their” hard work.

Based on the controversial nature of doing this writing task, don’t expect to find much gratitude from clients. You also forfeit all rights to the work done, since you are basically saying that the student did it themselves. It is your decision if you want to do this not.

15. Write Email Newsletters

If you have subscribed to multiple email newsletters within a specific category, such as being subscribed to dozens of recipe websites that send out daily tips and tricks, or new recipes altogether, then you have a significant advantage over the competition in creating emails that are of similar quality.

It is often said that one of the best ways to become a market leader is to first know the market.

Marketing by email is still considered one of the most effective ways for clients to monetize their e-commerce websites or other business, so people are generally much more comfortable with paying for content that gives the results.

Take the time to learn the subtle art of making readers into customers, and you will find many clients scrambling to have you working for them full-time.

It can take as little as a few minutes or maybe even an hour to create an email, so if you manage to chalk up a few of these clients, you have a very consistent source of income to look forward to every month.

16. Create PLR Articles

Have you ever browsed through several related sites only to find content that looks strikingly similar? Indeed, the articles might not look identical, but the core message remains the same.

If you find such articles with very minimal differences between them, chances are they were sourced from PLR articles – private label rights articles.

In a nutshell, PLR articles enable the consumer to use them as is or make edits and publish it on their website or elsewhere, adding valuable content to their website.

Owing to the nature of Google, it is never a good idea to advise clients to use PLR articles as is, since the websites ranking may be adversely affected.

Rather, advise them to make small modifications in order to make the article uniquely their own.

Alternatively, you can also create PLR e-books, which are the same principle, but can easily be repackaged and allowed to give it away to client’s potential readers as a lead magnet for subscribing to their blog or otherwise.

17. Try Your Hand At Resume Writing

Resumes are pretty simple, but yet regarded as a daunting task for many people to write when the time comes. This can be due to simple anxiety, or the fact that the client simply does not know how to put together an attractive or effective resume.

Resume writing may not be the highest paying writing discipline out there, but when faced with the prospect of unemployment, people are generally willing to pay a little bit more to have a high quality letter crafted for them.

An especially lucrative demographic would be to new college graduates who have never written one before, or trying to make an impression for their first job.

18. Review Writing

Review writing can take one of two forms; the genuine reviews that are basically comparisons of the pros and cons, usually published on blogs for people interested in a particular service/product to consider and read about, or the more black hat unscrupulous reviews, such as those Amazon sellers that hire people to create about their products, making it seem better than it really is.

Both pay moderately well, with marketplace product reviews likely to be of a higher earning potential as it can directly impact the bottom line of a client’s product/service. Of course, you need to decide how comfortable you would be with basically manipulating truthful rating of a product or service, or if you’d rather stay on the ethical high ground and just give an unbiased opinion about your experience with the product.

Alternatively, authors sometimes actively look for beta readers, or street teams when launching a new book, to basically read it through, and either post unbiased reviews of the books or give one-on-one feedback about what the author might need to do to make it even better.

Regardless of which you choose, there is still a huge market for both of them.

19. Become A Speechwriter

You might be surprised to know that many of the most popular public speakers on the planet do not write their own motivational or instructional speeches, but rather consult the experts that make their piece more engaging with the audience. Many politicians, business executives and other high-profile people often have professional speechwriters at their convenience, making it effectively their own but adding in the clients unique style and wit.

To become good at this job, you need to stay relevant in the particular field. For example, political speechwriters need to stay familiar with breaking politics, or become familiarizes with the politician’s agenda when writing speeches.

You also need to be careful not to juggle too many clients if this is your particular field of interest, or you may inadvertently mix up two clients speaking style and cause him significant embarrassment.

20. Become A Greeting Card Writer

If you’ve ever browsed through a greeting card aisle, then you probably spent a fair amount of time reading and chuckling at the little witty sentiments referenced in them.

Do you think you have a smart sense of humor like these? Then you might have a future writing greeting cards. How about something for that 50-year-old guy who is actually 18+32 years of experience?

Get the drift? Greeting card writers can also make large sums of money on the front-end and from the licensing of their quotes or witty banter. Have a more business savvy side than some? Try selling some yourself. There are endless websites that you can now make and sell your own greeting cards keeping 100% of the proceeds.

21. Become A Comic Book Writer

If you grew up reading superhero comics or any other type for that matter, then you probably already have a leg up on the competition. This is one particular art form of writing that many people can’t just jump into. Why is this? Because it takes someone that knows the industry to create comics that people want to read.

How about anime? You don’t have to know Japanese to create breathtaking anime. You might need to work with an illustrator, however, but the finished product is still extremely lucrative and adds a nice touch to your writing portfolio.

22. Become A Travel Writer

If you are passionate about traveling the world and documenting all that you come across, then travel writing may be for you. The number of people that actually seek out the experience of people that have visited countries that are interested in going to is simply staggering. You might have done this yourself; before your visit to Italy, you probably researched 10 things you must do while in Rome, or the best wine tasting in Italy.

These types of articles are usually written by people who have visited the country and done exactly the things you want to do.

There is no better way than experience to become a travel writer. You can’t fake this one with charm and enthusiasm, as it requires a certain amount of personal experience to make it genuine. Travel blogs – video logs, are also becoming popular with people who prefer to watch videos as opposed to reading, but one thing is clear- you can never replace an article.

The best part? You can actually make back money that you spent on your travels, and put the proceeds towards your next experience. How’s that for saving money on airfare?

23. Do SEO Writing

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is the art of creating articles that are relevant to the search engines algorithm when the user enters a query into a browser search bar. Take Google for example. If you are looking for an article about 21 ways to whiten your teeth, the artificial intelligence embedded in the search engine would look at several factors to determine which one is the most relevant to your query. It will pull up articles relating to whiten teeth, such as top 10 ways, top five, but if yours matches exactly the top 21 ways, your relevant score goes up.

SEO helps to identify and optimize an article for these opportunities, so that people looking for answers are matched with your content. If you’ve ever browsed a freelancing website you would have probably seen clients asking for SEO knowledge, this is the reason.

In today’s competitive writing market, it is more or less a basic skill that most writers possess; it would serve you well to learn the basis of it too.

In Conclusion

So where do you think you will start? There are many ways to make money writing online from home. You do not have to be expert with complete control of the English language to become a writer, since you’re probably good in at least one of the areas mentioned above. It can also be a very lucrative field, if you are able to secure the right clients.

Over time, as your expertise grows and your prominence in your particular discipline becomes more evident, you may be able to leave your day job and focus on writing full-time.

Writing is quite simply one of the best ways to get your side hustle on and make some extra income.