The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis Review

The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davies takes you to the past when the toxins and chemicals found today did not destroy human health.

Mother Nature has truly blessed humankind with immense strength and endurance that helps us to keep going despite challenges and hard times. One of the strengths we have is the ability to recover and heal ourselves using the various things found in nature. Nature is underrated, but it has the power to protect one from several health problems and can assist you in treating illnesses. Many people ignore these benefits of nature, and they destroy forests and trees daily. The growth in the human population is one of these reasons for the destruction of the environment.

By destroying nature and depleting resources through things like deforestation, many of the gifts found in nature are lost. Medicinal herbs, remedies, ingredients, and more that were used in ancient times have been lost.

To assist in preserving these medicines and remedies, Claude Davis has written this book. The book contains wonders of nature and claims to reveal to the reader the keys to all the treatments in nature. Is the book beneficial, or is it a scam? This post seeks to review this book and provide information on the integrity of the information that it contains.

About the Author

Before you can accept help from someone, you must be sure that your helper can render aid. Who is Claude Davies? Should you trust his advice, and thus his Lost Book of Remedies? Well, let’s find out.

Claude Davies is a doctor and a survival expert. He was born into a family involved in medicine and healing. His grandfather was a doctor and even served in the Second World War, treating injured soldiers. His grandfather saved thousands of lives with the help of medicinal plants. The Lost Book of Remedies is a product of the medical gems gleaned by his grandfather during his life and travel experiences.

According to Dr Claude Davies, he published this book out of a need to help people all over the world have a healthy life. He believes that the information of the past is essential and shouldn’t be lost. Instead, he firmly believes such important information should be passed down generations.

In his interview, he said that he is sharing the information in the book because he feels everyone should know how essential herbs and medicinal plants are.

If you live in the US, you will understand how expensive medical treatment is, even if you have health insurance.

How the Lost Book of Remedies is written

The Lost Book of Memories is easy to read and absorb. Everything in the book is broken down into simple terms and reminds you of a journal. The writing style and appearance lend a vintage vibe to the book. It also serves as a reminder of how old most of the techniques and remedies in the book are.

How the Lost Book of Remedies works

As earlier pointed out, this book is written in simple, easy to read and understand style. The writing is concise and will not confuse the reader.

The Lost Book of Remedies explains the advantages of many herbs and plants. For example, it tells the benefit of natural components like Mad Bear Swan, Red Beak, Hawthorn, or Bear Logotype.

The book is a veritable repository of knowledge. If you have a garden, the book will unlock the magical potential of your ordinary-looking garden. You will discover that some of the herbs and weeds you can’t wait to get rid of are beneficial to health.

It shows you a systematic way of solving health problems without any side effects.

If you do not have a garden, this book can help you to grow your herbs and plants right in your backyard easily. Therefore, they will be available to you whenever you need them. With your garden and the knowledge you have, you will not need to go out and spend time looking at these herbs.

The book does not just tell you the herbs to use but also shows you how to use them.

Benefits of the Last Book of Remedies

Some of the benefits you will find from this book include:

  • The book contains highly relevant information about some highly beneficial natural ingredients, herbs, and plants. Some of these ingredients include Red Beak Powder, Hawthorn tree berries, Angry Bear Paw, and much more
  • The Lost Book of Remedies teaches you several techniques and methods of growing your own medicinal herbs and plants
  • It offers the reader a list of anti-inflammatory plants and provides the necessary processes involved in producing these plants successfully. With these plants, you can treat wounds, cuts, and other injuries. Aside from healing the wound, these plants also serve to relieve the pain you feel.
  • Many infections exist, and the book contains information on how you can keep these infections away. Diseases like hepatitis A, B, and C, as well as herpes, are driven away by the plants and herbs contained in this book. The treatment methods provided in the book serve to drive away bacteria and will fight the toxins in the body.

What else will you get from this book?

The book contains easy to understand information on how to prepare your own remedies. Using the plants, you can formulate an easy solution to various health problems

An exciting thing contained in this book is information about different spices you can add to your food. You might think that spices only make your food taste better, but this book contains information on helpful spices. The spices can eliminate toxins in the body and treat health problems. It offers an effective and tasty way of getting rid of health problems.

The Lost Book of Remedies helps you learn how to build shelters using plants. You never know when disaster might strike, and this book contains invaluable information that will help you if a disaster makes you sleep outdoors.

You might have plenty of knowledge about medicine and herbs, but rest assured that you will find plenty of new information in this book.

How to get the Lost Book of Remedies

There are two ways you can get the Lost Book of Remedies. One way is to purchase the hardcover book from selected stores across the country. An easier alternative is to get it via a digital download. Whether you opt for the digital download or you go for the physical copy, you will get the same information.

If you get the digital copy, you gain instant access to the information it contains, You can also download it to your smartphone, your laptop, or any other device. This way, you can have it wherever and whenever you want. Even better, you will get the digital copy after you purchase the physical book.

When you get the book, you will receive a pair of bonuses. The first bonus you will get is a book that contains all the necessary information on how to cultivate your garden in a small space. The second bonus is another book that guides you on the medicine required to survive a disaster.

The books are:

  • The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard
  • The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook

Does the Lost Book of Remedies work?

Well, the treatments found in this book do work. However, for them to work correctly, you must follow the instructions as you would regular medicine.

The Lost Book of Remedies is not a magic book; thus, you must realize there are no shortcuts to using this book. You must carefully study the contents.

Additionally, you must exercise patience when using this book. The treatments take time to heal you completely.


  • This book contains valuable information about herbs that you probably had no idea as to their usefulness
  • It contains information on where to find helpful herbs and plants
  • When you purchase the book, you will get a pair of bonuses: The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard and The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook.
  • The remedies that are found in the book are all tested and have been proven to work effectively
  • The remedies found in the book do not come with any side-effects
  • The book is easy to read and understand. It also comes with images of some of the herbs and medicines, thus making it super-easy to identify them
  • The remedies found in the book are very affordable and offer excellent value for money
  • It is available in a digital format. Therefore, you can carry it along with you wherever you go
  • You enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The bonuses that come with the book are not available in digital format
  • The treatments are effective; however, they take time to work


The book contains nothing but helpful information that can help you live a healthier life. Mother Nature has provided several things that can help us to live better lives. Using this book, you will discover common herbs and plants that you never thought could help you.

If you buy the book and do not like it, you also have the money-back guarantee. We highly recommend this book to anyone looking to enjoy better health using natural methods.