17 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

The 21st century’s technological advancements brought with it a revolutionized way of manufacturing food. The food industry has flourished with millions of different items packed with calories that are unhealthy. Processed food and artificial additives along with sugar can cause considerable weight gain and other health complications in long run. Your mother was right when she said eating vegetables is healthier. There is still a chance for you to get back to the way you were.

You gain weight because of your unhealthy habits. Eating too many manufactured goods like bagged chips, fizzy drinks and too many sweets can lead to obesity in any person out there. Similarly, you can lose weight if you change your habits.

Here are 17 natural ways of losing weight and changing your habits.

1. Adding Protein to your Diet

Your body needs a good amount of protein everyday for optimal functioning. Protein also helps to boost your metabolism. A high protein diet can help you lose weight because it gives you a feeling of being full. This means you will eat less everyday and lesser calories means weight loss.

2. Avoid Processed Goods

Processed food like burgers and other packaged contain too many negative calories that can end up making you fat. Changing your habits by making sure you keep vegetables and fruits at your home can ensure this does not happen. Switch to healthier options like fruits, especially when you feel like snacking. Avoid fast food.

3. Stock Up on Healthy Goods

Getting rid of bad foods and stocking healthier alternatives is another way to lose weight. When you come home to find fruits and vegetable and protein in your fridge, you will be less likely to eat junk food. Avoid eating outside as much as you can as well. Try to eat at home and find newer recipes that can make your mouth water. You can use vegetables and fruits can to make tantalizing snacks and treats.

4. Limit Intake of Added Sugar

Most of the leading diseases in the world are caused by eating too much sugar. Processed foods are filled with them so you might never know how much sugar you consume. Instead, change your habits to eating homemade meals. This can limit your sugar intake. Avoid any canned food items or bagged goods.

5. Drink lots of Water

As per research, it has been well documented that drinking 3.5 litres of water a day can increase the calories you burn by 40%. Depending on how much you sweat, drink as much water as you can.

6. Avoid Liquid Calories

There are many liquid calories in the market. Some of them even advertise as healthy, though they are much likely the opposite. Avoid drinks like chocolate milk, processed fruit juices and soft drinks. Instead, buy some fruit and prepare some juice on your own.

7. Put a Stop to Eating Refined Carbs

Food items like processed white bread, white rice and pastries lead to an increased fat percentage in your body. Search online on what other food items contain refined carbs and stop eating them.

8. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is filled with natural antioxidants. It helps with the fat burning process and can also help enhance your skin health. Drinking green tea pre and post any meal will help maximize your digestion and keep all the fat at bay.

9. Add more Fruits and Vegetables to your Diet

Fruits and vegetables are very high in water as well as nutrients. They do not add to the fat percentage in your body and are low on energy density. What this means is that you can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and still feel like you have not eaten anything. This helps in the long run as you lose weight and your body adapts to the new eating patterns.

10. Use Smaller Plates

Instead of using the average plate to eat food, eat your food in a smaller plate. This will help you control your daily portions. This habit has to be reconditioned and what better way to start than by using a smaller plate. However, you have to control how much you eat.

11. Eat Slowly

It doesn’t help to not chew food and gobble everything down – that is bad for digestion. Chew your food; take your time when you are having a meal. And try not to watch your shows or do anything while you eat. Focus on what you’re eating. This not only reduces the amount of food you eat, but also will also enable you to enjoy what you eat. After all you eat to live not live to eat.

12. Purchase Coconut Oil

Research suggests that coconut oil is full of triglycerides, which help boost your metabolism temporarily. That means you can burn fat according to the food you eat. Coconut is also helpful in reducing the harmful belly fat.

13. Eat more Eggs

Boiled eggs are the most effective way of gaining protein and losing weight. They help to reduce appetite and allow for greater weight loss if you eat them for breakfast every day.

14. Eat Spices

Spices such as jalapenos as well as chilli peppers can induce weight loss if eaten in good proportions. They contain a chemical called capsaicin that increases the fat burning process by 20%.

15. Taking Probiotics

They are live bacteria that can be eaten to regulate and promote all the good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics can improve your health and also induce weight loss. They are particularly recommended for obese people.

16. Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good amount of sleep everyday can lead to a normal appetite and protection against weight gain. People who sacrifice sleep for other activities are not only harming their immune system, but also disrupting their usual appetite schedule.

17. Add Fibre to your Diet

Fibers are essential for the stomach and the whole metabolism process. Eating water soluble fibers can induce a feeling of satiety. A reduced appetite for food means you will reduce the amount of calories you used to eat. This can lead to natural weight loss.

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