How to Lose 10 Pounds Easily Within a Short Time

It seems like there is no end to the number of ways that exist to lose weight. However, not all of them stand the test of them- they are fads that do not last. But then again, there are numerous ways that you could utilize to lose 10 pounds easily, or more if you so desire. The secret? To apply the tips consistently, and know that it depends on how diligent you are willing to remain in order to achieve your goals.

Many of these tips are proven, things you can start doing today to see a difference in your body. Ready to take advantage of these tips to finally get rid of the weight once and for all? Great! Then let’s go.

Eat More Protein

Animal Protein Low CarbProtein is one of the foundations of a health weight loss diet, even if many people do not understand why. Protein inherently has a high thermic effect, which results in a large portion of its calories being used to facilitate its metabolism. What this means is that if you consume 100 calories from protein foods over the course of the day, the body registers far less. Overall, you can spend around 30% of calories on just processing, which is favorable in reducing caloric intake. Protein also suppresses your appetite, and is much more filling than carbohydrates. Be sure to add a protein source to each meal, to keep your metabolism running on high, and to feel satisfied upon completion of the meal.

Make It Your Goal To Move More

exercisingThe best way to lose calories? Move more. Sitting all day will burn calories, but just your basal metabolic rate- the amount your body must burn to fulfill its daily processes. Being sedentary all day long will not do you any favors if you are serious about losing weight, so you must find ways to incorporate activity. If you sit at a desk all day long, and work high up on the 10th floor, it makes sense to come off at the 7th and take the stairs for the other three. Similarly, get up and walk around the office if you are confined every hour or so, more often if possible. Instead of taking the bus home to your doorstep, stock off a few corners away and walk. Every little bit of deliberate activity you get, the closer you will come to achieving your weight loss goals.

Stop Drinking Soda

SodaSoda is bad for you, whether it says it is regular or “diet”. The fact is, they all contain ingredients that are bad for us, even if one claims to be sugar free. You are actually still paying for that fact with your health, as many of the sugar substitutes used in these diet drinks wreak havoc on your metabolic processes, promoting diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Your best bet? Water. That does not mean that you have to be content with plain water all day long, as there are things you can do to spruce it up. Try making fruit infused water drinks, or even coffee and tea. Sometimes all you need is a bit of something different to break the fatigue of the same old. Just be sure not to overdo sugar, or you will be in exactly the same place as before.

Make Veggies The Base Of Your Diet

VegetablesThe current food pyramid guidelines are wrong by emphasizing carbohydrates above all other food groups, when vegetables should be made the primary foods in any diet. Vegetables are extremely filling, nutritionally dense, and also low calorie. This means that you can eat a lot without adding lots of calories, making them the perfect filler for your meals.

Drink Lots Of Water

WaterWe previously mentioned that you should eliminate soda and replace with water, but the importance of enough water has not, nor can it be overstated. Your body is over 70% water, since it is essential for almost all the biological processes that occur in our bodies. Ensuring you drink enough water on a daily basis will not only help promote metabolism of fat for energy, but also has an appetite suppressing effect. Drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can cut down the amount of food consumed during the mealtime. Water can also shut down hunger pangs or cravings at times you should not be hungry.

Get A Workout Buddy

Exercise PartnerMany people find solitary exercise a chore, being resentful of it and choosing to not do it very often. However, by training with a companion, things change completely. This could be with your loved one, who can encourage each other, or with a friendly rival to keep both motivated. Though we know you shouldn’t spend time at a gym striking up lengthy conversations, short breaks in-between sets are great for making new friends and helping you feel motivated to keep working out.

Make Weekend Meal Prep A Ritual

The number one saboteur of weight loss is your diet. This becomes painfully obvious when you’re hungry, and just opt for the first thing in sight, not caring about if it is healthy or not. This is the problem meal prep takes care of. What you need to do, if you find yourself not having enough time during weekdays, is to bulk prepare meals on the weekend, so that all you need to do is pop into the microwave for a few minutes during the week at your meal times. Be sure to even prepare some healthy snack options, as meals are good but taking for granted snacks can still cause derailment of your goals.

Stop Eating Out

conversation starters

Eating out is a major source of weight gain, as you are unable to properly gauge or account for all the calories found in the meal. If you are on a calorie budget, eating out often is the best way to spoil it. A single meal at a Chinese restaurant can run into 1500 calories or more, which is sometimes the entire day’s budget for some people. By eating foods you make at home, you will be able to control everything you put into it, as well as save tons of money ion the process. Good food isn’t exactly cheap either, so do yourself a favor and make home cooked meals.

Track Everything

One of the best ways to lose weight is to document every single thing you do. This included logging the foods you eat, exercises you do, as well as the way you feel. It makes no sense punishing yourself to eat something, or do an activity that is obviously not the best fit for your body. Exercise should ideally make you feel good after doing it, not leave you puking your stomach out or feeling dizzy. The same thing goes for food. If you find that your performance is sluggish for a long period of time by restricting carbs, you may need to add on just enough so that you can function, but still be able to lose weight.

Go To Bed Early

Early to bedThe reasons for going to bed early are for two things, both of which can have a profound impact on your weight loss. Sleeping early ensures you get enough rest to repair and recuperate a tired body, plus sleeping early ensures that you do not suffer from the late night munchies and consume junk, especially after you’ve worked hard all day to stay on point. Sleep helps lose weight, don’t burn the midnight oil too late!

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