Tips for Using to Job Search

Founded in 2007, is a revolutionary employment site where professionals can anonymously review both companies they previously worked for and the companies that employ them now. This feature in turn means anyone can aid other jobseekers by uploading reviews that identify the advantages and disadvantages of working for a particular employer. Additionally, allows professionals to anonymously post their salaries, which again aids other job seekers in having insight into what salary range to expect working for a specific company or in a given city or town.

Getting Started with is very user-friendly providing one of the simplest platforms with which to build a user profile. As with many career sites, users can opt to manually enter their work history into their profile, but as you can imagine, that is time consuming to say the least. The alternative is to upload a digital resume with which the site constructs your profile in a matter of seconds. Go this route as’s upload function is remarkably accurate and thorough in its processing. As an added bonus, professionals using the site are given the option of viewing their profile as a potential employer would be able to view it. That’s advantageous as that view helps in locating typos and incorrect information.

Back to the resume upload,’s programming algorithms are stellar being able to decipher and translate to your online profile nearly every aspect of your job history. From the details of your education to the responsibilities and achievements you completed at every job, the site’s programming lists every detail from your resume even down to generating a list of your skills and specializations mentioned throughout your resume.

After the upload process is completed (in roughly 15 seconds), it is still important that users review the profile generate for them by, although proofreading is more to catch your own typos and misspellings that were on the original resume rather than programming glitches on the site’s end. That said, the list of skills and specializations that the site identifies and lists is the one aspect that needs careful scrutiny. For example, I worked as a curator in a museum’s “collections” department. In turn, listed one of my skills as credit collections. made it seem as if I worked in a capacity where I call people to collect unpaid debts. The resulting glitch caused the system to list credit collection-related skills that I did not have. Additionally, the listed skills left off many of my primary skills and specializations. Fortunately,’s programming makes it easy to rectify such mistakes and add skills the programming may have missed. Just be sure to take your time reviewing the “skills” section before moving on to a job search.

After ensuring your career accomplishments and history are set, make certain to input your contact information as the system itself does not appear to upload any contact information from resumes. For tech professionals to artists, make sure to post a link to your website or any internet address where your work in on view. Online portfolios and similar digital archives are crucial to landing employment in a growing number of fields.

Company Reviews

Your profile secured and double-checked for accuracy, I encourage you to take time and explore the “Write Review” tab at the top of the main page. Take time to write reviews of companies you have worked for in addition to your current employer.

This website is all about helping jobseekers find good jobs with amazing employers. The least we can do is give honest (and anonymous) insight into what it is like working for a particular employer. Be fair. Be honest. While you are at it, provide concrete details as to why you liked or did not like working for a particular boss. Also, give employers praise when warranted. Too often professionals gripe about those who “wronged” them. Much less time is spent giving kudos to those who have helped us along our career path, particularly employers. Take the time now as your input could help a fellow jobseeker avoid a nasty work environment just as someone else’s review may help you avoid a similar fate.

Job Searching’s ingenuity in developing an employer review site is matched by its job search engine. Its design simple, type in a job title related to the career opportunity you are seeking and click search. Within seconds you will have a large number of job opportunities available to year. A nice feature to the search engine is that as you type, the system lists job titles related to your text. I typed in writer, for instance, and ‘Content Writer’, ‘Medical Writer’ and “Writer Editor’ popped up as potential search terms or, more importantly, possible careers I could investigate.

Searching for writer jobs brought up 268 job openings across the United States and around the world (the jobs in Ireland were intriguing). Finding too many job openings to investigate? No worries! You can narrow your search down to jobs within 5 to 100 miles any town, city or state.

Once you find a job that seems promising, click on it and details about the job and how to apply show up in a separate screen. If, after reading the job summary, you wish to apply, there is an “apply” button available to readily connect you to the respective company’s website. Not sure you want to apply just yet? No worries. Just click on the ‘save’ button to save that job ad for future reference. To get back to a job add you saved, just click on the small heart-shaped icon at the top of the website. It is quick and easy to get back to saved job ads so don’t fear saving multiple jobs.

Company Search

Once you found a job you are interested in, it is time to do some investigating. Specifically, it is time to check out the company the job is with. has you covered.

Back at the main search screen, select ‘companies’ from the provided dropdown menu provided. Then, type in the company’s name and click search. Instantly reviews will pop up, reviews written by past and present employees of the company. I checked out a regional company for an experiment. Wegmans, a perennial employee favorite, popped up with over 2000 reviews. Scan through the reviews posted. Pay particular attention to routine complaints or praises that employees discuss in their reviews.

All too often companies don’t receive their fair share of kudos; all too often people jump online to trash an employer without really considering their role in n incident. By looking for repeat bad or good conditions and behaviors, a jobseeker will likely have a more realistic picture of the work environment, the benefits provided, and whether the company works well as a team (or not).

Salary Check

Much in the way allows site visitors to research companies, there is also the option to search salaries. Sticking with the Wegmans company and selecting ‘salaries’ from the aforementioned dropdown menu, it takes only seconds to pull up salaries for their cashier and customer service personnel. Want to check salaries for a different company? Simply scroll to the search engine at the top of the webpage and enter a new company name. I checked out another Quiznos; apparently, Wegmans pays better. It is not just salaries at a specified business that you can check! allows jobseekers to compare salaries across an entire industry. I chose to investigate technical writers for my test. From my standpoint, technical writers make good salaries. On the low end of the scale, Technical Writers pull in $45K per years while the highest paid technical writers were earning $84K. On average, technical writers as of my search were earning just over $61K. You can even check to see what the range of salaries are (industry-wise) for a specific region. Looking at the New York City area, technical writers ranged in salaries from $49K to $87K, with an average salary just over $66K. Slightly above the average pay in all respects.

For those looking to negotiate a salary or a raise, having such knowledge of the span of industry specific salaries will help an employee or job seeker in requesting a fair salary for a new job. It will also help in negotiating with an employer with regards to a pay raise in the near or long term.

Interview Preparation

One last feature of’s programming is very unique with regards to employment-related websites. Once again going to the site’s dropdown menu, select for interviews. Then hit the ‘search’ button. You will soon see a list of typical interview questions that jobseekers receive during job interviews.

Whether searching for technical writers, supermarket customer service representatives, or for museum curators, you will see however many sample questions as reported by professionals who were interviewed for jobs similar to what you are researching. In essence, by conducting such research, a jobseeker could be positioned well to know in advance what questions he or she would be asked! For, thank you for such an amazing feature. For fellow professionals, let’s do our part and add to the list of interview questions.