17 Benefits of Coconut Water You Should Know

There must be some secret that the people living in the tropics know about coconut, as it seems to be a staple in many of the natives’ diet.

And why not? Coconut water is naturally delicious, packed to the brim with nutrients, and can deliver powerful health boosting benefits. In fact, instead of consuming sugar laden soda, coconut water can effectively be substituted at each juncture, being a welcome addition to a healthy lifestyle plan.

Wondering if or how coconut water can be of service to you? Let’s explore the benefits of coconut water you may not know of

1. Coconut Water Is Rich In Fiber

How funny it is to learn that coconut water is actually rich in fiber! Yes, even though fiber is in the most part attributed to vegetables and other “solid” food sources, coconut water contains the type of fiber known as soluble fiber. This is the type of fiber that gels in your stomach, and sometimes feeds the beneficial bacteria of the intestines. It is very important, in contrast to insoluble fiber whose primary function is to promote regularity of bowel movements.

2. Help Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Another amazing benefit of regular coconut water consumption is the potential to reduce elevated cholesterol levels. The soluble fiber in coconut water helps slightly reduce the absorption of fats and sugars into the blood stream, and also promotes the excretion of cholesterol as waste. As cholesterol is excreted, the body must use stores of fat to create more cholesterol, reducing levels of both circulating triglycerides and keeping cholesterol levels low and recycled frequently.

3. Can Helps Preserve Kidney Function

Kidney stones are extremely popular, and occur as a result of mineral deposit within the kidneys, or from inefficient removal of waste filtered by the kidneys. Coconut water possesses a diuretic property that promotes frequent flushing of the kidneys, and also contains potassium which prevents formation of kidney stones.

4. Helps Protect The Skin

No, we’re not recommending you bathe with it, but drink more of this delicious beverage. Instead of purchasing expensive creams and cosmetics in an attempt to preserve skin health, you can reach for some refreshing coconut water.

For one, coconut water still contains some beneficial fats, and is not devoid of all nutrients as plain water would be. These fats are essential to the health of skin. It also contains Cytokinins, which are compounds that slow down aging of the skin and wrinkles.

5. Helps in Improving Blood Pressure

Many cases of high blood pressure are attributed to consumption of excessive sodium, which then leads to retention of water. Many persons suffering from high blood pressure also possess low blood potassium levels, which help to negate the effects of excessive sodium to an extent. Coconut water helps promote diuresis, eliminating sodium and excessive water in one shot, while potassium assist with blood vessel relaxation and a corresponding drop in blood pressure.

6. Boost Energy Levels

Though carbohydrates are the most reliable way to boost energy levels, the crash that often accompanies them makes them less than desirable. Coconut water contains some amount of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which product ketone bodies- a more reliable energy source. In addition, they contain multiple members of the B-complex vitamin family, which promote metabolism and energy generation.

7. Can Cure Hangovers

Though most people have experienced a hangover before, many cannot say exactly what causes them or how best to remedy it. However, it is quite simple, as the symptoms are all as a result of dehydration, caused by the alcohol previously consumed. This is why some of the most popular remedies consist of what is known as a “banana bag”, saline solution enriched with potassium. You can think of coconut water as your drinkable banana bag, as it contains the correct concentration of potassium and water to help rid the metabolites of alcohol and rehydrate you.

8. Coconut Water Is Isotonic

Isotonic refers to being the same concentration as blood, in regards to mineral concentration. Coconut water is isotonic, and has been used in emergency cases as an infusion replacement to saline. Though this should not be attempted by just anyone, as the risk of contamination is great, it was used during the Korean War by soldiers in the fields running low on intravenous solution.

9. Can Help Cure headaches

Headaches often result when dehydration occurs, as is frequently observed following a heavy night of drinking. However, migraines can be caused by lack of magnesium in the diet, something which coconut water can help remedy. If you suffer regularly from headaches, drink coconut water daily and see if this is something that helps.

10. Body Immunity Bolster

Coconut water is naturally sterile, protected in its shell from contaminants. As even though this is good for those drinking coconut water, it does not explain how it boosts your immune system. Coconut water has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which when consumed can strengthen the immune system to better detect invading pathogens. Plus, it contains many natural anti-oxidants that boost immunity.

11. Coconut Water Is Relaxing

It can help calm any over-excited nervous system, since it contains magnesium and can boost levels of GABA- the body’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps initiate rest and relaxation.

12. It Can Help Relieve Heartburn

It is superior to milk for calming symptoms of heartburn or indigestion, as milk results in a rebound of symptoms. This could also be due to the presence of numerous enzymes contained in coconut water, and not merely its soothing pH.

13. Supports Liver Help

The anti-oxidants contained in coconut water exert a protective effect on the liver, which is subject to harsh toxins every day. Coconut water also helps facilitate removal of these toxins, making the liver more efficient in the process.

14. It Can Offer Menopausal Support

Coconut water possesses mild levels of phytoestrogens, which help women going through menopause ease their suffering. Though it is unlikely to offer significant support by itself, if hormone replacement therapy is off the cards, it can successfully be stacked with other natural phytoestrogens.

15. It Can Be Used On The Hair

As it possesses anti-microbial properties, coconut water can be used to treat conditions of the scalp as a result of microbes. It also improve blood flow of hair follicles, and may help stimulate hair growth as well. However, it should not be left on all day, as exposed to air its odor goes rancid quickly.

16. May Help Promote Weight Loss

Though it is not calorie free, it can help suppress appetite, boost metabolism and keep the body hydrated to support fat oxidation. Weight loss may be inhibited by mineral deficiency as well, with coconut water equipped to help out.

17. Coconut Water May Help Prevent Cancer

It is loaded with dozens of anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, which keep free radicals at bay and can prevent damage to DNA or cells. This is very important since poor diet, or exposure to environmental influences accelerate these negative changes. These anti-oxidants and phytochemicals also decrease excessive inflammation and preserve cell health.

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