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No doubt Clickbank is one of the favorite platform for affiliates and vendors looking to make money online. ClickBank is an online marketplace platform with an affiliate marketing program. ClickBank was founded in 1998 and is privately-held. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. Clickbank allows internet retailers know as vendors to sell their products and handles the payment while allowing digital marketers know as affiliates to promote the products for a commission and distribute the commission earned to the affiliates.

In the last 5 years I have earned tens of thousand of dollar monthly as an affiliate through the Clickbank market place but it wasn’t always so. Over the years a lot of marketers has jump into the platform making it harder for newbie to earn their first sales and make regular monthly income, however success is still guaranteed if you have the right guidance and use the right tools especially when starting out. So success with Clickbank comes down to these few things, the right guidance, the right tools and the right products to promote. I must confess that when I started out, I didn’t have any of these, all I had was determination. I had to learn on the goals and even though it took me several months to earn my first check, it would have been a lot easier if I had the right guidance and tools to get started.

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Today, there are way too many programs out there offering you the right guidance, tools and information on products to promote and one of those is Clickbank Breaks The Internet. How would you like to learn from Clickbank in house marketers on the best way to make money on the platform, using their own built for you system with expert guidance all the way? How would you like to eliminate all the many months I spent figuring things out and simply plug in to a system that is proven to work? Well, the answer is yes for everyone who is serious about making money online. Before I share my personal opinion and recommendation of the program, here is a quick overview of Clickbank Breaks The Internet.

Course Name : ClickBank Breaks The Internet
Creator : Justin Atlan and Clickbank University Team
Price : $2,497 (3 Part Installment Option Available)
Promo : (Click here to sign up for ClickBank Breaks The Internet!)
Official Website : https://wwww.clickbank.com/breakstheinternet

Alright, let’s get into it. I want to make this review as simple as possible and give you enough information to make the right decision. Like I said earlier, I have been using the ClickBank platform as an affiliate to generate thousands of dollars monthly on a consistent basis for the last 5years. While my results are not typical partly due to my experience and determination, things have gotten a lot easier now with expert guidance than it was when I started. And one of such expert guidance is The Clickbank Breaks The Internet.

What is ClickBank Breaks The Internet?

Clickbank Breaks the Internet

ClickBank Breaks The Internet is a 3 in One system that gives you access to proven system you can use to earn money either as an affiliate, a vendor or both on the Clickbank platform. It is made up of a training program from the Clickbank University (CBU Premium) for both Affiliate and Vendors, a powerful software (ClickBank Builder Unlimited) that allows you to build a marketing and sales funnel based website to sell your digital product, and thirdly, Automated Webinar Funnel Software known as WebinarX that gives you a whole new way to allow your customers to earn high priced commissions.

What’s Inside ClickBank Breaks The Internet

As mentioned earlier, ClickBank Breaks the internet is a program created by Justin Atlan and The ClickBank University Team. Justin is a seasoned marketer and is also the creator of ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2.0 together with Adam Horwitz. ClickBank University 2.0 is a huge success but ClickBank Breaks The internet takes that success to a whole new level. Here are what’s inside he program

1. ClickBank University Premium (CBU Premium)

The ClickBank University Premium is arguably the best training course you need on making money on the Clickbank platform. The program shows you how to generate income online via two proven method.

  • Creating your own digital products and promoting them through the ClickBank Market where you can have access to thousands of affiliate to help you succeed.
  • Promoting other people’s product in the Clickbank marketplace as an affiliate and making commissions on every sales. Clickbank handles the affiliate payment so you can focus on marketing.

Also included is Traffic Vault + Pro Courses which contain best tips and lessons from the best of the best in the industry so you can start driving traffic like the pro. You’ll have access to Facebook Ads University plus 8 multi millionaire courses that will forever change your earnings.

2. ClickBank Builder Unlimited

This is an in house powerful software built by ClickBank. It’s a simple drag-and-drop software that helps you build marketing and sales funnel for you sites either as an affiliate or a vendor. It is design to work with the clickbank marketplace so you have all you need to get started in one place.

You’ll have Unlimited Access To ClickBank Builder With Free Hosting. This is the only funnel builder you’ll ever need and you will be saying up to $3,564 every single year compared to what is available in the market today.

3. Automated Webinar Funnel Software (WebinarX)

This software allows you to create an automated webinar funnel in order to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate. The WebinarX allows you to earn high priced commissions through the affiliate system.

Also include here is the WebinarXPro which contain 3 advanced conversion switches that can help you earn up to 3-5 times on every of your campaigns

A Rundown of All You’ll be Getting if You Sign Up Now

1. Unlimited Access to “Break The Internet” WebinarX Software System: This system is set up to help you warn up to $1000 commission like the pros!

2. “Break the Internet” Essential Training Videos: This break the whole entire system into step by steps instructions that are simple and easy to implement.

3. Proven Money Marking Webinar Offers: So you don’t have a site or a product? No to worry, this provide you access to top level marketing already done for you.

4. Webinar HQ Platform and Hosting: This comes free at no extra cost on you.

5. Unlimited Access To ClickBank University Premium: All the best training you’ll ever need in one place, saving you $1000 on membership costs.

6. The Ultimate Webinar Case Study: Learn all the behind the scenes strategies that has been used to generate 8 figures of Clickbank

7. Members Only Private Forum: Nothing beats having a community of hungry for success entrepreneurs in one community. You’ll have access to a powerful community that got your back and ready to help you in your journey.

8. 52 Live Q&A Office Hours: Support is key, you will have access to support every week for 1 year.

9. Matt O’Connor’s ClickBank Copywriting Guide: You already know that copywriting is key is you are selling online. This guide teaches you the right words to say to get people to buy from you in droves.

10. ClickBank Market Research Course: Multiply your earnings by knowing what your customers desire with this guide.

11. Expert Interviews: Get motivated with access to expert advice from a wide range of industry experts

12. Secret Bonuses: The goal is to help you make money and this gives you access to opportunity of making money from contests available only to members.

13. Live Chat, Phone, and Email Support: All the support you’ll ever need.


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Is ClickBank Breaks The Internet Worth It?

As someone who has built an affiliate business on the ClickBank market place and still enjoy affiliate income from Clickbank I’m careful about recommending any make money online program and the reason is this. When it comes to making money online, there’s hardly and easy, quick way.. although many programs will tell you they are plug and play, you just buy them and you will start making money.. most times that is false. That said there are quite a few program out there that shows you exactly what to do and how to do it, increasing your chance of success. ClickBank Breaks The Internet is such program. With expert training to guide you, a drag-and-drop powerful software to help you build your product and sales page, plus access to WebinarX that can help you earn high ticket commission as an affiliate through the system, it doesn’t get better than that.

So if you are serious about making money online and want a program that eliminate all the guess work and still provide you with the tools and resources to succeed, and you are willing to put in the time and effort then the program is for and it’s worth it.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet Bonus (Personal)

As you already know, success is all about leverage, and when it comes to making money online, having an experienced person guiding you is priceless. It eliminates the guess work and give you speed of accomplishment. While ClickBank Breaks The Internet provides you with proven training program (CBU Premium) it can be a bit confusing for newbies. So here is what I’m offering, if you purchase the ClickBank Breaks The Internet through my personal affiliate link (Click Here Now). I will become your leverage in the marketplace. I will provide you with my best strategy that I have used in last 5 years to generate thousands of dollars monthly so that your success is guaranteed. All you need to is sign up through this link for ClickBank Breaks The Internet and then email me at CB @ JAMESIDAYI dot COM with your order number and I will share my strategy.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Clickbank Breaks The Internet?

ClickBank Breaks The Internet is new training system by Justin Atlan and Clickbank University that combines the CBU Premium, ClickBank Builder Unlimited and WebinarX to given you a proven path to making money online through the Clickbank market place.

Can You Make money with Clickbank?

Yes you can make money with Clickbank either as an affiliate promoting other people’s product or as a vendor selling your own products and allowing other affiliates to promote it for a commission.

How Much is Clickbank Breaks the Internet?

ClickBank Breaks the internet cost $2497 if you are making a one time payment, and $997 as a 3 part payment.

What is ClickBank Breaks The Internet Refund Policy?

ClickBank Breaks The Internet comes with 30 days money back guarantee. What this means that if within 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the program you are free to ask for a refund.


Disclaimer : ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. This review is written and promoted by James Idayi, an independent marketing affiliate.