Cannabis Oil

While it is true that some oils have healing properties around the world, however, none can compare to the healing effect that cannabis oil has. Cannabis itself is illegal in many countries however; its oil is regarded as a treasure that can give “powers” to people. This is a common superstition that still exists to this day regarding cannabis oil and its many wonders.

Cannabis oil contains two important chemicals that are responsible for all the healing and pain relief. These are known as cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. The first one affects the nervous system without causing a high that is common in many drugs around the world while the second helps with reducing the pain. In both ways, the effects of cannabis oil can inhibit a sense of safety and numbness to a number of cancer patients as well as the ones who suffer from chronic pain.

11 Surprising health benefits of the use of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil

1. Relieves Pain

Does your body suffer from inflammation? Is your friend in constant pain throughout the night that he can’t even sleep? A number of people around the world have trouble with basic human functions such as picking a glass of water because of how much it takes a toll on them. Cancer patients who are being treated with chemotherapy sometimes want help in their ongoing battle hence cannabis oil is always there to give them a boost of hope.

2. Helps You Control Elliptical Seizures

Irregular or lack of sleep can trigger elliptical seizures that can cause harm to your body or even your life. Cannabinoids such as THC can help stop that from taking control of the brain. How could they do that? Well, the chemical attaches itself to the brain cells causing a relaxation effect to take place. This helps lessen the chances of a seizure happening and eases your mind.

3. Helps Manage Alzheimer’s Disease

Amyloid plaques have a huge part to play in the brain when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease. Cannabis oil helps stop the enzyme that makes these plaques as they are responsible for the killing of the neurons in our brain as well as some receptor cells. The slow production of amyloid plaques can help extend the time period in which a person can keep their memories, even at old age.

4. Improves Your Heart Health

The antioxidant effect is the second most noticed effect of cannabis oils that helps to regulate blood flow. Excess cholesterol is scraped out of the system and you feel brand new as the cannabis oil works its magic. Any muscle related issues near the heart such as muscle spasms are also taken care off once the oil is gently applied in that area. It gives a warm, relaxing sensation and slowly the person even feels sleepy.

5. Enhances Appetite

Ever heard of the munchies effect of taking drugs? Cannabis oil might be a healthy medication but its nature still remains the same. It encourages hunger in your system and also help with your metabolism so that you can eat as much as you want and do not feel gastrointestinal pains afterwards.

6. Longer Sleep Times

The biggest disease causing problem of today is the depravity of sleep. Millions of people sometimes either work too hard or are suffering from an episode of anxiety or depression. The effect of this is that they no longer sleep well and because of this, their health starts to deteriorate. Cannabis oils help relax the mind as well as the body, remove any pain that you feel and inhibit a warm sensation that leads to better sleep. You will no longer feel the need to beat yourself down, asking questions regarding your condition. Instead, you will be sleeping like a little baby.

7. Relieves Arthritis Pain

The problem that arises from moving about is something that needs to be taken care of either way. Human beings simply cannot stay still for years. The reduction of inflammation around the joint areas helps the person to move about freely without having to feeling ill. All one needs to do is apply the cannabis oil around the affected area to work its magic.

8. Soothes Tremors


Parkinson’s disease is still ravaging societies in many countries and the best possible solution is regarded as illegal. Cannabis might be the cure for thousands of tremor facing patients in the world if only it were legalized. Certain experiments that were carried out showed that increased usage of the oil helped a person to have better motor skills than the rest which is a clear sign of its miraculous properties.

9. Treats PTSD

PTSD is caused when there is fear and anxiety inside out brain. Many soldiers and children who are abused do not forget the painful shock they faced once the tragedy had occurred at the time. THC has been known to relieve a person of these painful memories and regulate the mind and body to think like a normal human being without having to fear certain trigger objects.

10. Protects Brain after Stroke

A stroke necessarily stops blood flow towards certain parts of our brain. These parts have the risk of shutting down because of no energy being transferred to them and therefore becoming disabled in certain parts of their bodies. Cannabis oils can prevent that from happening as the neuro-protective effect of cannabis helps reclaim any damage done to the brain.

11. Prevents Cancer

Reduction of tumor size as well as destruction of cancer related cells is possible through the use of cannabis oils. Researchers argue that cancer patients have a better chance of surviving if they fight on with the use of cannabis oils. This can act as a catalyst to their recovery and the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis oils can help rejuvenate a person. A popular theory even suggests it to be a replacement to chemotherapy however, hopefully one day that would be made clearer to the general public.

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