11 Ways to Banish the Bags Under Your Eyes

Many people despise the appearance of bags under their eyes, as it inevitably signals the start of a much unwanted process- aging. Whether you are 40 years old and now seeing them, or in your twenties when they appear, it is almost universal that they be despised.

And after all, why not? There’s nothing to be proud of by showing off these bags, so what can be done? Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can effectively banish the bags under your eyes, which are not expensive and will not negatively impact your health.

Ready to learn simple, natural ways that may very well remove them once and for all? Great, then let’s go!

1. Reduce Your Sodium Intake

The number of people who take their sodium intake seriously is extremely low. Why? Because most people don’t appreciate the effects of excessive salt intake until they actively have adverse health effects resulting from overuse. And guess what? Bags and under eye puffiness is one of the manifestations of excessive sodium consumption.

The ideal safe upper limit of sodium intake should be 2200mg daily, even though many people regularly consume 3000mg+ every day. This small change could positively improve the outlook of bags, since as sodium is removed from the body, so is excess water. Water retention and edema can appear in multiple locations, ranging from the legs to under the eyes.

2. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Do you drink alcohol regularly? If not, you can skip this tip, as it probably isn’t the one for you. However, if you can admit that you take a drink a few times a week, this could very well be the cause of your bags. Science has shown that alcohol is a powerful dehydrating agent. What does that mean for you? It means that alcohol promotes excretion of water, which causes your face, and under your eyes in particular, to appear sunken, puffy and dark. If you must indulge from time to time, we advise you give your body sufficient time to process the alcohol- by taking no more than a shot every 2 hours. Plus, be sure to drink lots of water in-between shots to promote proper metabolism and avoid the powerful dehydrating effect of the alcohol.

3. Consume A Collagen Friendly Diet

Do you know the name of the protein that is responsible for maintaining the youth and vigor of your precious skin? Well, there are actually a few, but the one that is likely to offer you the most bang for your buck and banish those bags is none other than collagen. Collagen is known as a structural protein, and is an important component of skin and joints, deficiency of which leads to premature aging and loss of connective tissue.

By eating foods that boost collage synthesis, such as Vitamin C and gelatin based products, skin and joints regain their natural state. The amino acid L-Arginine also helps to boost synthesis, so consuming more watermelon is also likely to be of great benefit.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Do you get enough sleep at night? Hardly likely, as the way of the world now is to reward those that are willing to overwork, and regard others as lazy. As a result, our health suffers, with bags underneath the eyes a common occurrence. Sleep is necessary for resetting our body from the previous day, adjusting and boosting recovery. However, when we do not sleep sufficiently, the stress hormone cortisol remains in high gear. Cortisol also promotes water retention and that look of utter fatigue- easily seen under the eyes. Though the general recommendation is 8 hours per night, you should sleep as much as you need to.

5. Manage Allergies

It’s almost silly to think that something like an allergy could be the reason your eyes appear baggy and puffy every day of the week, when it is quite a simple task to manage. Allergies elicit a histamine response, whose effects result in inflammation and water retention. This inflammation affects the body as a whole, but may not be obvious except for the runny nose and the bags under the eye. The best way to manage your bags, if you are aware that you suffer from allergies, seasonal or otherwise, is to take advantage of anti-histamines. Foods that contain the compound quercetin can function as natural anti-histamines, and include ones like apples and onions. By including more of these foods in your diet, you can naturally modulate your histamine response to allergies.

6. Optimize Thyroid Function

It may be surprising to know that your ability to gain weight may be related to a thyroid problem. In fact, many people suffer from a sluggish thyroid gland and have no idea. The most common causes of this sluggish thyroid? Deficiency in a key thyroid hormone forming mineral-iodine. Supplementation with an iodide supplement, or iodine enhanced table salt is a great start, but if you prefer real food- you need to consume more shellfish and even edible seaweed. These are all proven ways to improve your thyroid function, and resolve the appearance of bags under the eyes as a result of sluggish metabolism.

7. Stay Well Hydrated

This may sound contradictory considering two of the previous tips involved either increasing or decreasing water levels in the body, but the fact is that water follows its own set of rules. Apart from being over 75% of who we are, water has a way of self-regulating itself. What this means is that ensuring you get enough water will keep you hydrated at an optimal state, and promote removal of toxins that can promote poor skin health and bloating.

8. Try Cucumber Slices Under The Eyes

If professional spas do it, they must know something that we don’t right? Well turns out that is the case, as cucumbers possess enzymes which reduce inflammation and help to tighten the skin around that area. Just lay back, relax and leave them to do their magic for a period of 10-15 minutes.

9. Damp Tea Bags

Green tea is a super anti-oxidant, accepted all over the world for its beneficial effects on health. Not only green tea, however, but also black tea, possesses anti-irritant and mild diuretic properties that can relieve swelling and bags under the eyes. Just chill two used tea bags (no sugar or milk please!) and apply them under the eyes for about 15 minutes and see the magic.

10. Stop Smoking

Adding to the list of adverse effects from smoking is causing bags under your eyes. Smoking is believed to be one of the most potent drugs that speed up aging, causing deterioration of your skin and loss of collage. Kick the habit now, while you may still have time.

11. Use Sunscreen

The sun is good, but too much is bad. We need exposure to the sun for the synthesis of Vitamin D- essential to our good health. However, the sun’s rays are delivered in the form of UV rays- which penetrate the skin and are damaging following long exposure. Be sure to apply sunscreen with a decent SPF number if you plan spending any measurable amount of time outside.

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