Astrology.TV Review (Get Your Free Report)

If you are reading this then you’re already into Astrology and would like to know what can offer you for the year 2020. Astrology as you or may not know is the ancient study of the planets: zodiac transits, horoscopes, compatibility, and how unique astrology signs affect us.

Astrology is an ancient art that extends way beyond your personal horoscopes. The movement and positions of celestial bodies can have a profound impact on your love life, work life, and everything in between! Understanding the patterns of the universe gives you the insight you need to navigate life.

Astrology offers you insight to birth chart, astrological signs, love compatibility, horoscopes, tarot and answers all your questions concerning number reading, the sun sign and how you can influence your tomorrow today.

What is Astrology.TV?

Astrology.TV is your one stop shop for all things astrological. It provides you with free daily horoscopes, online tarot readings, psychic readings, Chinese astrology, compatibility reading, birth chart reading, weekly love and romance reading and much more delivered through videos.

According to Kelli Fox, the author of Astrology.TV, 2020 is bookended by two major conjunctions – a Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 and a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21 – and between them, these two giant astrological events will shape the energy of these tumultuous twelve months. Watch Kelli explain Astrology.TV and how 2020 will be affecting your zodiac sign in the video below.

Who is Kelli Fox?

Kelli Fox is an accredited professional astrologer who was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Sydney, Australia. As early as eight years of age, she began recording birth dates and sun signs for anyone willing to share. Since then Kelli has become a household name in astrology, known for her incredibly accurate horoscopes and forecasts.

Kelli Fox holds a degree from College of Humanistic Astrology. She is a member of Federation of Australian astrologers (FAA), a Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA), a member of International Society of Astrological Research ( ISAR C.A.P), a member of National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR-PAA)


Unlike most Astrology site, Astrology.TV is focused on giving you personal experience via videos. All personalized readings and report are delivered to you via video and are tailored to your zodiac sign and personality. Here is what you will find on the site.


Daily Horoscope provides you with daily guidance according to your zodiac sign. All Zodiac sign are covered and if you subscribe to this you will receive personalized video guidance on what the day has in store for you and what you can do to maximize the day. This section also feature Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow horoscope reading

Weekly Horoscope provides you with weekly reading and guidance, while Monthly and Yearly Horoscope covers the monthly and yearly reading and guidance.


Every new year comes with it’s own signs. What does 2020 have in store for you? This section will show you what to expect from the year covering all areas of your life like love, career, money and health. From Aries to Pisces, Capricorn to Virgo, and every horoscope in between with The AstroTwins, find out what the stars hold in store for you this 2020.


Seeking for more personalized guidance in areas of your life? This section provides you with personal astrological guidance for living your best life. Here are some of the personalized report provided.

Personalized Video Report : This video report is essential if you want to learn everything about yourself. It shows you why you act, think and talk in a certain way. Why you approach love, friendship and career the way you do. It provide an astrological movie about yourself with guidance on how you can start living your best life.

Romantic Personality Profile : Do you desire new love this 2020 or want to strengthen old love? This report reveals more about your love personality and touches on the high points of your natal chart to tell what you need in a lover and how to love yourself.

Romantic Forecast : This provides you a monthly love forecast. It personalizes your romantic experience and gives you a personal astrological love guide. Use this guide monthly to navigate your love life.

Relationship Remedy : Love is better when you know what to expect and welcome what comes. This report gives you an inside view of why your relationship isn’t working like you want it and what steps to take to create the kind of loving relationship you desire and deserve

There are other Personalized Astrology reports each tailored to address specific area of your life and provide you with guidance on how to handle the situations and obtain favorable results