Foods that fight inflammation

Most of the diseases that plague our world right now are in some way caused by inflammation. Whether it is arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or even asthma, it is somehow related to rising inflammation levels. It is possible to curb inflammation, but to completely eradicate them would require a complete change in your lifestyle. This means changing your diet in such a way that it allows maximum nutrition at the least cost to your health.

This is where an education in the kind of foods you can eat to prevent inflammation is so utterly important. Eating healthy is the basis the very basis of keeping yourself healthy and fit, it doesn’t matter if you exercise or not, if you eat right you will always stay right. Certain anti-inflammatory foods commonly available can help alleviate any problems related to inflammation and help soothe that awful, burning sensation you suffer with, which can lead to muscle swelling, joint complications and a number of other health problems.

You are not required to change your diet overnight, but a gradual change can work wonders for your health. This also helps you adapt to the change so you do not revert back to the way you were before. Here are 11 foods that fight inflammation.

Green Leafy Vegetables

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

If you have yet to try out a fruit and vegetable juice, you should definitely try it. It is refreshing and most of the leafy vegetables that you add such as spinach and lettuce are full of anti-oxidants that help your stomach fight against inflammation. An example of such a vegetable could be the Swiss chard, which has a high concentration of vitamin K and A as well as anti-oxidants. Mix them up with citrus fruits and you will get the perfect sip of a fresh tropical drink you have always desired.

2. Bok Choy

This Chinese cabbage has one of the highest known antioxidant levels known to date. Along with that, the cabbage is rich in minerals and is an ingredient in a lot of brilliant Chinese recipes. Studies show that Bok Choy consists of a total of 70 antioxidant substances. No wonder Chinese people consider it a staple diet. The antioxidants present can help prevent intense infections as well as skin diseases.

3. Celery

Recent studies carried out on celery show that the vegetable has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent a number of diseases. This includes cancer; Alzheimer’s and even Parkinson’s disease. Celery is also an excellent source of potassium, which is necessary for our immune system to function properly. The body uses potassium as a kind of fuel to help prevent bacterial infections and fend off any serious viruses or bacteria.

4. Beets

The deep purple colour of beets represents how rich the vegetable is in terms of its nutrients. Beets help repair much of the damage that occurs to the cells once a disease has affected you. Beets therefore not only relieve your body of pain caused by inflammation, but it also heals your body after you recover from things like the common cold or flu or any other viral infection. What’s more is beets also relieve you of kidney stones, which are caused by excess calcium in your body.  A balanced diet with beets in it can make a huge difference.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries contain a strong anti-inflammatory ingredient known as quercetin. Quercetin is so powerful that most drug companies  are thinking of producing cancer medicines from it as it helps significantly slow down cancer cell production.  Not only do they taste amazing but the health benefits can ensure a healthy body with no side effects whatsoever.

6. Pineapple

Bromelaine is another ingredient present in certain fruits such as pineapples and it has immune-modulating properties. This means it can prevent viruses from entering and affecting your bodily functions. The presence of bromelaine also helps boost your heart health, which is why some people refer to it as nature’s answer to inflammation. Pineapples are a great treat for kids and adults alike and therefore can fit into almost any diet. Be sure to buy fresh pineapples from the farmer’s market for better taste.

7. Walnuts

People suffering from metabolic syndrome caused by inflammation are advised to consume as many walnuts as they can. They not only help with treating the illness, but also help prevent Type-2 diabetes. Walnuts comprised of 54% of manganese, making them excellent for your nervous system as well as fighting inflammatory diseases.

8. Salmon

If you wonder how Asians always have better skin than most people in the world, it is because of their amazing diet. Fish is probably the safest meat you can eat considering most other types of meat such as pork, beef and chicken are processed heavily. Salmon contains a heavy amount of fatty acids as well known as Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential fat that protect your vital organs and boosts your immunity.

9. Bone Broth

This contains a lot of glycine, proline and other amino acids that allow healing in inflamed parts of your organs. Most patients suffering from leaky gut syndrome are advised to consume as much bone broth as they can. In addition to the healing, minerals such as phosphorus, silicon and sulphur in bone broth can help your body heal faster.

10. Coconut Oil

Treating arthritis is no longer a problem with the introduction of coconut oil in the market. The oil’s strong anti-inflammatory compounds help treat arthritis as well as other diseases Caused by inflammation. It can both be used as an ingredient, helping you prepare tasty meals and can also be applied as an ointment. Coconut oil has legendary medical properties that can help with swelling, muscle pain, infections along with a bunch of other medical problems.

11. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have a variety of benefits that you can identify through continuous usage in preparing different types of culinary delights. They are natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouses that also contain essential nutrients to help keep you fit and free of inflammation. They help regulate cholesterol as well as lower your  blood pressure.

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