15 Best False Eyelashes of 2019

Today, if your eyelashes aren’t part of your makeup routine, then you’re definitely missing out. Using extensions in the form of false lashes is the go-to method for women all over the world, and for this reason, we’re ranking what the best of the best in this article. We’ll tell you their names, what they do, how expensive (or inexpensive) they are ad more. If you’d like to read about the most popular lashes of 2021, just keep scrolling.

1. Ardell Demi Wispies

Ardell Demi Wispies

Tens of thousands of women around the world swear by the Ardell Demi Wispies, and for many reasons. For one, they’re very cheap- you can get a multi-pack of four for less than $12. Two, they’re easy to apply (and remove) and get this, they’re reusable too.

Theses Demi Wispies are incredibly realistic and lightweight and they help enhance natural lashes. Buyers say that each pair can be used at least four times each and retain their shape when taken off. On Amazon alone, there are over 1700 reviews. For these reasons, the Ardell Demi Wispies are the go-to lash from women across all continents.


2. Lilly Lashes, Style Miami

2. Lilly Lashes, Style Miami

Lilly Ghalichi is one woman who knows about lashes. She’s used her knowledge to skyrocket her company to the top and that’s why her mink lashes in the style Miami are number two on this list. This lash has been known to be worn by the likes of the Kardashians (and Jenners), Cardi B and more.

The lash, which adds length and volume is made from mink hairs. They are on the expensive side ($30 per pair) but they’re reusable up to twenty-five times. Miami has almost 5000 reviews on the website and is one of the top lashes out there, and it’s not just because it’s used by some of the most, celebrities and beauty bloggers in the industry. Everything from its quality to its packaging looks glamorous.


3. Tarte Pro Cruelty-Free Lashes, Style Goddess

Tarte Pro Cruelty-Free Lashes, Style Goddess

If animal cruelty is something that’s very important in a lash, there’s nothing better or more affordable than Tartes cruelty-free lashes. There are more than twelves styles in this lash, but the favorite seems to be in the style Goddess, and here’s why.

For one, the lash retails for $12. Two, it’s vegan and no animals were harmed during its creation. On top of that, it’s free of latex, comfortable for those who wear contacts, as well as those with sensitive eyes. Looks-wise, Goddess is described as having “multi-length” fibers that are both dramatic and voluminous. Customers who value these things love this lash and the rest in the line- collectively, they have more than 40, 000 ‘loves’ on the Sephora website.


4. Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes, Style Sasha

Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes, Style Sasha

Beauty enthusiast Huda Kattan created her own beauty company, Huda Beauty, and it’s since then taken off. One of her more popular products in her line of classic lashes (which has many different styles). A customer favorite is the Sasha #11, which is described as a natural style with medium volume.

Each pair is about $20, and it isn’t sold with the lash. The bright side is that the lashes are reusable up to 15 times. Despite its priciness, people continue to buy them because of how great they look.


5. House of Lashes, Style Allura Lite

House of Lashes, Style Allura Lite

House of Lashes offers a wide range of budget-friendly products that give lashes the extra oomph they need. Their style, Allura Lite, is one of those such products. This lash is incredibly lightweight because of its silk fibers and is made in a way that minimal trimming, if any at all, is needed.

Allura Lite only costs $12 and can be worn between five and eight times, more, if they’re well-maintained. Its comfort, and shape are also reasons why this lash is one of the best of 2019.


6. Eylure Exaggerate, Style No. 143

Eylure Exaggerate, Style No. 143

The Eylure Exaggerate No. 143 is one of the best from the brand. This lash is dramatic, as its name suggests, but still gives a sultry, romantic look. The band is lightweight and won’t drag your lids down. In addition to that, they’re non-irritating, which is helpful for those with sensitive eyes.

This under $5 lash (on Amazon) does so much at its price and even comes with its own glue. Based on market research, all of its ratings (from over five retailers) are four stars or higher. So it’s definitely a must-try for 2019.


7. Sephora Collection Luxe False Lash, Style Plush

Sephora Collection Luxe False Lash, Style Plush

Sephora’s Luxe Plush lash looks as great as its name sounds. It looks so expensive, both on and off the eye that it’s a must-have for all lash-wearers in 2019. Plush is made out of natural hair fibers, is light-weight and is described as being comfortable to wear.

At $17, they’re very soft and can be reused (at least) twenty times. They’re all about volume and length and add all the drama that a luxurious lash needs.


8. Ardell Natural Lash 120

Ardell Natural Lash 120

Ardell and their lashes have managed to secure another spot on this best 2019 lash list. The 120s are supposed to be the most popular lash that Ardell sells, so it stands to reason that these are pretty great. The 120s are great for everyday use- they work to enhance the eyes by providing a natural, but full effect.

They are extremely lightweight, are reusable, waterproof, comfortable and only cost $4. 99. It’s definitely a must-have for those who wear lashes every day.


9. Velour Lashes Effortless -No Trim- Natural Lash Collection, Style Short & Sweet

Velour Lashes Effortless -No Trim- Natural Lash Collection, Style Short & Sweet

Velour’s No Trim Natural Lash is exactly that- a lash band that requires no trimming. The lashes sit within an extremely thin band which is easy to apply and is perfect for all eye-shapes, included hooded eyes and almond-shaped eyes.

The Short & Sweet lash is natural-looking, but adds volume with its flare and curl. They retail for $26 a pair and can last anywhere from ten to twenty wears, as long as it is removed gently. This lash’s 20, 000 loves, almost 800 reviews and overall 4.5 rating on Sephora makes it one of the best for the year.


10. MakeUp Forever Lash Show, Natural Impact, Style N-101

MakeUp Forever Lash Show, Natural Impact, Style N-101

For those who aren’t about the drama or having their lashes look ‘fake’ then it should be all about MakeUp Forever’s N-101 lash. They’re really thin and will blend in very easily with your natural lashes. Customers also love how comfortable the band feels, and it’s why it’s a favorite for everyday wear.

But what people really appreciate is that along with its $18, and the fact that it’s reusable, is that it comes with glue and a precision lash applicator. This special little lash has also made its way onto many favorite lists (including Style Craze’s) for 2019.


11. e.l.f Cosmetics Maximum Drama Luxe Lash Kit

e.l.f Cosmetics Maximum Drama Luxe Lash Kit

e.l.f’s Maximum Drama Luxe Lash Kit has made this list for many reasons. The number one thing about this lash is its price- $4. They’re the company’s most voluminous and were made on a flexible lash band, which means they can fit just about every eye shape.

This one lash has a double layer that, in addition to adding volume, also gives a smoky effect. The reason it’s called a kit, even at $4, is because it comes with a precision lash applicator. The value for money and how great this lash looks make it one of the best for 2019.


12. Kiss Looks So Natural Lash, Style Shy

Kiss Looks So Natural Lash, Style Shy

Kiss’s Natural Lash in the style, Shy, is one of the best and most affordable quick fixes for those with short lashes. They don’t overpower the natural lashes, but add to what’s already there. With its slight flare, it also enhances one’s eye shape.

Another great thing about this favorite is that it costs less than $3. They subtly add volume and length while blending in with your existing lashes. If there’s a simple lash that you should try this year, it’s this one.


13. Red Cherry Lashes, Style #43

Red Cherry Lashes, Style #43

Red Cherry’s #43 lash is one of the best-sellers for the brand. They’re basic, natural-looking natural lashes used for adding length. Because it’s not over the top, it can be used every day just to extend what’s naturally there.

Each pack is $10, but comes with three sets of lashes. It’s a lash that everyone, especially those who love some extra length, should try.


14. Urban Decay Fast Easy Sexy Instalush Partial False Lashes

Urban Decay Fast Easy Sexy Instalush Partial False Lashes

These Urban Decay lashes are not full lashes. They were created to add volume in all the right places. Because they aren’t full lashes, they’re very easy to glue down and can change your look in less than a minute. They’re comfortable, moldable and are so light that users say they forget that the lashes are on.

They cost $15 and have pretty great ratings online. They can be reused many times if stored properly. All these great things are why theses partial false lashes are one of the best for the year.

15. House of Lashes, Style Iconic

House of Lashes, Style Iconic

Here comes House of Lashes yet again with another great lash. The Iconic is probably their most popular and it’s clear to see why. It’s made with cruelty-free synthetic hairs that sit on a band that was made to fit every eye shape.

They’re thick and flare out, similar to a cat-eye, making it a great night-time lash. The Iconic goes for $12, and a 3-pack retails for $30 and they can be worn more than 15 times with proper care. On the House of Lashes website, there are more than 200 five-star reviews and beauty gurus use it all the time.