13 Amazing Natural Home Remedies For Headaches

Our increased use of technology and overly hectic lifestyles heightens our stress levels. Stressful lives and trying to maintain an active family, social and professional life will leave many feeling work-out and contributes to a nasty headache. These days almost every person will keep some aspirin or paracetamol to rid themselves of those pesky headaches but what they don’t know is that they can achieve the same remedy at home using natural ingredients.

13 Amazing Home Remedies For Headaches

13 Amazing Natural Home Remedies For Headaches

1. Use a Compress

Next time you have a headache, stop before reaching for the medicine and use a hot or cold compress instead. Both of them can help relieve headaches, but cold packs are more commonly used for migraines by applying it to the base of the neck. Ice can soothe the tense muscles and makes them numb. Headaches due to tension can be relieved using a hot compress to ease the pain.

2. Ginger

The blood vessels that pass through your forehead are inflamed when you experience symptoms of a headache. Using ginger to sedate this inflammation can serve as a cure for headaches. There’s a variety of ways to use it such as in juice or tea. Another method is to use ginger to make a steam treatment. By adding pieces of ginger in water and boiling it, you can breathe in the vapor and feel your headache go away. If you don’t have a taste for ginger, you can make a paste using ginger powder and apply it on your forehead and get relief.

3. Peppermint Oil

The oil derived from peppermint is highly useful to help reduce the pain experienced during migraines. Its therapeutic properties make it helpful in dilating the blood vessels that pass through the head which is the main cause of headaches. While relaxing those blood vessels, it promotes blood flow just as effectively as aspirin. The only difference is that aspirin has dangerous side effects like stomach ulcers. Use peppermint oil in a steam treatment by breathing in the aromatic vapor or massage your forehead using a few drops.

4. Basil

This natural remedy for headaches helps treat your contracted muscles. Brew some healthy tea adding basil leaves to boiling water and letting it sit for a while before drinking it. If you think the taste of basil leaves is unpleasant, then opt for a steam treatment. You can make your steam treatment by adding the leaves to boiling water. Put your face above the water and breathe in the vapor.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

This fragrant essential oil is the staple of any self-care kit but did you know it also has headache-relieving properties? Use lavender oil for a luxurious treatment by putting a few drops on your forehead and massaging slowly to ease the pain.

6. Rosemary and Thyme Oil

Rosemary is a widely used herb in many cuisines, but it has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties which make it a great relaxant that competes with over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen. Use Rosemary oil to get rid of your headache by massaging your forehead with a few drops to achieve the medicinal effect.

Another way to alleviate symptoms is to use rosemary to make tea. Cool the tea once it has boiled and drink it up to three times a day. Thyme also has unique anti-inflammatory properties which make it so useful in pain management techniques. Using a few drops of thyme oil to massage your temples is a great way to relieve a headache. Massage your temples in slow, circular motions and leave it on for a while before you remove it.

7. Cinnamon

These benefits of cinnamon have been well-known for a long time which makes it a precious source of vitality and health. This spice is really popular in homeopathic and ayurvedic fields of medicine. Relief from headaches is just one of the amazing benefits which can be derived through many ways. Making a paste with cinnamon powder and applying it to the forehead will ensure quick relief from a painful headache.

8. Almonds

Almonds possess the essential mineral, magnesium. Studies showed that people that suffer from migraines have an overall magnesium deficiency and especially during migraines. This is why it is prescribed to keep headaches and migraines away by consuming foods like almonds that contain this mineral.

9. Cloves

This common shelf spice has traits that make it a good cooling agent and relaxant. Crush some cloves and breathe in the smell by putting the crushed spice in a cloth and you’ll find that the scent of cloves will have a calming effect on your nerves and eases the pain. If you find the smell a little too strong to bear and can’t inhale it, then you can use a massage method. Mix some drops of clove oil with another oil to massage your forehead and cure you of a bad headache.

10. Cayenne

This treatment may seem odd to you because something spicy is the last thing you need when you have a splitting headache. However, cayenne has superb characteristics that make it a useful remedy when it comes to curing inflammation and helping with pain management. Substances in cayenne reduce the feeling of pain by limiting pain perception.

Use cayenne powder in water to dilute the spicy factor. Use cotton or a cloth to absorb the cayenne and water mixture. Gently insert the submerged cotton or cloth into your nose, and while it may feel unpleasant, it helps you know that the treatment is working. Remain that way for a few minutes till you feel the pain start to subside.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider can also be used as a natural remedy to cure a headache. Our body suffers headaches due to a pH imbalance in our blood which can be restored by using apple cider vinegar. Add some in a glass of water or prepare a steam treatment to relieve a headache.

12. Chamomile Tea

If you read many lifestyle magazines, you’re bound to have come across advice on how using chamomile tea can help you sleep better. Well, it also has other benefits about inflammation and anxiety relief. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect that makes it an inexpensive home remedy to use for a headache.

13. Water

This is the cheapest treatment for headaches out there. Headaches are often a result of dehydration and high water retention in the body. Low water content in the body is what thickens the blood, making it difficult to flow through blood vessels. The restricted flow is what causes a headache. This is why a healthy intake of water is a safe way to ensure that headaches stay away.

Use these natural home remedies to stay headache-free. Enjoy every moment without worrying about a pesky headache bothering you.