11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Root

Lotus is a stunningly beautiful flower that is an aquatic plant of the Nelumbonaceae family. Interestingly, it features in culinary use in several unique ways. Not many people know that the flower, its seeds, the stem as well as its roots are part of the preparation of various delicacies. Lotus wood is an edible root that is capable of growing as long as four feet. Lotus root contains many healthy nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

Edible lotus root is popular for its slightly sweet taste and a crunchy texture. Food enthusiasts vouch for its benefits and consume it either by steaming or deep frying the vegetable. People also eat it braised or stir-fried. Hence, it is a refreshing ingredient in many popular salads and snacks. Here are 11 incredible benefits of consuming lotus root.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Root

LOTUS ROOT Health Benefits

1. Proper Digestion

We all know how foods rich in fiber help to speed up digestion. Since lotus root is an amazing source of fiber; you can consume it to improve your digestion. It helps to prevent several gastrointestinal and digestive diseases with its rich fiber content. Consuming lotus root ensures good digestion that also helps you to reap various weight loss benefits. If you want to stimulate your bowel movements naturally, then include lotus rood in your diet. You can include it in your daily meals by replacing unhealthy options with this edible plant-based ingredient.

2. Reduces Stress

Since lotus roots possess good amounts of B complex, referred to as pyridoxine, the root interacts with neural receptors in the brain to significantly reduce stress. This step also takes care of recurrent headaches. That is why people, who are seeking natural ways to feel better and want to remain stress-free, should make it a point to include lotus root in their daily diet. Moreover, it is rich in potassium, which ensures the good functioning of muscles and nerves. If you are experiencing fatigue and confusion, use lotus root regularly. It also relieves migraine symptoms and helps you to cope up with depression.

3. Prevents Cancer

We all know how Vitamin C is helpful in preventing the formation of free radicals. Not only free radicals damage the DNA of our cells, but they also leave our body vulnerable to several cancerous infections. Using lotus root is a great natural way to prevent the formation and growth of cancerous cells. Since, free radicals also deteriorate the heart health, using lotus roots improves our internal organs by maintaining a good blood flow throughout the body.

4. Prevents Water Retention

If you are experiencing fluid retention, consuming lotus root helps to prevent excess water retention. The rich potassium content in lotus roots can absorb the excess sodium. Hence, it is a great agent to take care of fluid retention.

5. Boosts Immunity

The root is rich in many minerals and vitamins to guarantee a well-balanced body. The presence of many important elements makes sure that the bloodstream is functioning properly. Minerals such as copper stimulate enzyme development and take care of any damaged body parts, whereas, manganese maintains a good heart health. If you want to resist infections and give your immunity a natural boost, you can consume lotus root to build a strong resistance against infections.

6. A Natural Mood Enhancer

As mentioned before, lotus root has incredible effects on our brain’s neural receptors. This reason is why lotus root is used as a natural remedy to eliminate anxiety and take care of depression. It is a proven way to prevent stress-related headaches and reduces migraine attacks.

7. Maintains Good Blood Circulation

A good blood flow is crucial for maintaining superior health and proper functioning of all our body parts. The use of lotus root regulates a healthy flow of blood throughout our body. This feature helps to boost and improve the good functioning of all our organs. It also contains iron and copper to produce more red blood cells. People who suffer from poor blood circulation should use lotus root to regulate their blood flow.

8. Regulates Blood Pressure

Since lotus root maintains good blood circulation, lotus roots help to regulate blood pressure levels. This means it is a natural way to treat hypertension. This edible root is enriched in potassium and low in sodium. This means you can use it in your salads as a healthy ingredient. Potassium helps to balance the fluid levels whereas less sodium content makes sure you do not suffer from constricted blood vessels.

If blood pressure levels remain high for prolonged periods of time, they led to many serious medical conditions. Using lotus roots calms your veins and vessels to maintain a healthier blood flow, with just the right pressure.

9. Good for the Skin

Since lotus root is packed with Vitamin C; it is a great agent to combat skin aging. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen in the body. Since collagen is majorly responsible for improving the texture of skin and maintaining firmness; it serves as a great natural remedy to replenish the body and the skin. Consuming lotus roots regularly will ensure that you have a flawless skin even, even when you get old. Consuming Vitamin C every day will help you achieve a young-looking, glowing, and flawless skin. It is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that are the most common signs of aging.

10. Prevents Common Diseases

Again, the vitamin C present in lotus roots helps the human body to combat many infections and viruses. This helps to steer clear of many common diseases such as the flu and cold. Not many of us know that maintain high levels of Vitamin C is crucial to maintaining a good immunity and superior health.

When we consume lotus root, we boost immunity and prepare our body to fight against many types of viruses and infections. Another great benefit of consuming lotus root is that it is a natural way to take care of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

11. Speeds up Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight without using chemical products, try using lotus root to observe its many benefits when it comes to weight loss. It is loaded with all the crucial nutrients, vitamins and minerals that fill you up. People who eat lotus root are less likely to suffer from hunger pants and feel energetic. Its rich fiber content makes sure you don’t have constipation and helps to avoid over-eating.

Final Thoughts

Although, there are no risks of eating lotus roots, make sure you cook them well. Whether you are frying, steaming or boiling them, lotus roots should never eat raw. This will help you to stay away from any bacterial infection.

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