11 Amazing Benefits of Sweet Violet Tea

Sweet violet, while being fairly common throughout much of the world, still slips under the radar. However, the amazing benefits of sweet violet made into a tea or used otherwise deserves a deeper look at. In this article, we will be taking a look at exactly what sweet violet is and how consuming the tea can benefit you.

What Is Sweet Violet?

Sweet violet, also known as English violet, common violet or wood violet, or binomially as Viola odorata, is a highly aromatic flower that is characteristically deep violet or white in color, originally native to parts of Asia and Europe.

Today, it is also naturalized to North America and Australia, and likely other parts of the world as well. In ancient mythology, its scent was associated with sexual urges and assigned to the goddess Aphrodite in Greece.

Its natural aroma made it a favorite in perfumes of the time, but it is also used today as parts of salads and for making tea, which is the primary focus of this article.

11 Amazing Benefits of Sweet Violet Tea

11 Amazing Benefits of Sweet Violet Tea

1. Natural Pain Reliever

Do you know that aspirin you regularly reach for to relieve minor aches and pains? Turns out that sweet violet tea is also an excellent natural source of this analgesic. To be precise, it contains salicylic acid, which helps to soothe what hurts you.

However, keep in mind that an excessive amount of salicylic acid can irritate your stomach. In moderation, you are unlikely to have a problem, so feel free to drink a bit of the delicious tea daily for management of chronic pain, or occasionally if need be.

2. Supports Oral health

While the tea is an excellent source of health promoting compounds, sweet violet tea can also just be swished around the mouth in order to support oral health, especially if you have canker sores, bleeding gums or any condition that is paramount to an infection that causes pain or inflammation.

Simply swishing around some of the tea in your mouth for a couple minutes offers a great insurance policy against many perils and can save you heartache down the line.

3. Effective Respiratory Support

One of the most established uses of sweet violet tea has to be for its respiratory health properties, which is does exceptionally. For one, it has mucolytic properties, which promotes the thinning and subsequent removal of mucus from the airways.

This alone helps to make breathing easier and can help to accelerate recovery from bronchial illness. In addition to this, it also helps to soothe pain and irritation as a result of a sore throat, and is useful for helping to control airway inflammation in people with asthma.

4. Helps Treat Occasional Sleeplessness

While not as established as the powerhouses like chamomile and passionflower, sweet violet is a mild sleep promoting aid, helping to overcome occasional insomnia as a result of stress or anxiety. Its mild properties means that the effects will not persist upon waking up, and also means that it will not cause you to feel unnecessarily drowsy during the day.

5. Can Help Deal With Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can occur for a number of reasons, but oftentimes it is attributed to gradual weakening of the muscles that assist with retention of urine in the bladder. These muscles of the pelvis, as they become weaker, make it harder to keep your urine in until you can meet the nearest washroom, but luckily sweet violet tea can help.

It possesses anti-cholinergic properties which decrease the random activation of the smooth muscles of the bladder and urinary tract, assisting greatly with symptoms of incontinence.

6. Can Help Manage Menopause Symptoms

Sweet violet tea can assist with dealing with the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and mood swings. It possesses a small amount of phytoestrogens and compounds that assist with stress reduction to help make this trying time a bit easier.

7. May Help With Cancer

The use of sweet violet when dealing with cancer is actually documented historically, although it has never been approved by an official medical body. It appears to be of particular benefits in dealing with cancers of the throat where it helps to prevent pain and growth of cancerous cells, and even effecting radical cures in a small subset of patients.

We do not advise depending too strongly on this benefit, since even though it is likely to help in some way it doesn’t seem to be known quite yet exactly the particulars of how it brings about cures.

8. Supports Kidney Health

Interestingly, even though violet they able to manage symptoms of urinary incontinence, it also possesses mild diuretic properties that can be of great benefit to kidney health. It is very important to flush the kidneys at regular intervals in order to reduce the likelihood of kidney stones developing.

Natural diuretics are well-suited in this regard since they help potential residue that may lead to deposition in the near future.

9. May Help Manage Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Sweet violet tea does not have to be consumed only, as it can also be applied to the skin for wonderful anti-inflammatory action. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition that is highly inflammatory in nature, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how sweet violet can help bring relief.

Simply apply as is, or combine it in an effective moisturizing water-soluble base to formulate a unique cream preparation that does not evaporate as easily when applied.

10. Natural Remedy For Occasional Constipation

Sweet violet was used traditionally for many years in order to deal with symptoms of occasional constipation, functioning as an effective mild laxative. Many people are now turning back to it for this benefit, as synthetic laxatives have proven themselves to cause many more problems than they are worth especially if used for chronic constipation.

11. Antibacterial Properties

While we mentioned that it is useful for promoting oral health, it does much more than this in reality, having the potential for dealing with many microorganisms that cause disease. It was even referenced as a cure for tuberculosis, though many bacteria are currently antibiotic resistant and are likely to cause a major problem if you’re not careful. For this reason, we’re not very confident that it can cure TB nowadays, although until more research is definitively conducted it would be difficult to say with confidence.


We know you’ve probably never had sweet violet tea before in your life, but after learning all of the benefits it possesses, we guess you’re probably excited to get your hands on some. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get some, since it can be found in many specialty stores all over the world.